Series 3

Series 3

Returning for a third series, Cuckoo is a sitcom about an American slacker full of outlandish, New Age ideas.

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1. Cuckoo: Series 3, Birth

A week past her due date, Lorna springs some new ideas on Ken about baby care.

The Application

2. Cuckoo: Series 3, The Application

Rachel has a chance to get the job of her dreams.

Mums Group

3. Cuckoo: Series 3, Mums Group

Ken starts enjoying his paternity leave when he joins a mums group.

Life of Dale

4. Cuckoo: Series 3, Life of Dale

Ken's special birthday evening is invaded by Steve.

University Challenged

5. Cuckoo: Series 3, University Challenged

Dylan decides to leave university after only three weeks.

Sid's Big Day

6. Cuckoo: Series 3, Sid's Big Day

It's the day of Baby Sid's naming, and another new Thompson causes havoc in the family.

The Holiday

7. Cuckoo: Series 3, The Holiday

The family head off to Cumbria on a relaxing holiday.