Series 9

Series 9

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Wake Up Walmington

1. Dad's Army: Series 9, Wake Up Walmington

Captain Mainwaring's platoon masquerade as traitors to test the town.

The Making of Private Pike

2. Dad's Army: Series 9, The Making of Private Pike

Pike and his girlfriend borrow Captain Mainwaring's new car to go to the pictures.

Knights of Madness

3. Dad's Army: Series 9, Knights of Madness

Mainwaring and his troops stage a battle of St George versus the dragon.

The Miser's Hoard

4. Dad's Army: Series 9, The Miser's Hoard

Mainwaring plots to get Frazer's hoard of gold sovereigns into his bank.

Number Engaged

5. Dad's Army: Series 9, Number Engaged

Mainwaring's motley crew is put in charge of a vital telephone line.

Never Too Old

6. Dad's Army: Series 9, Never Too Old

Corporal Jones falls in love and decides to marry.