Series 4

Series 4

Wartime comedy series

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The Big Parade

1. Dad's Army: Series 4, The Big Parade

Walmington-on-Sea has a parade to mark War Weapons Week.

Don't Forget the Diver

2. Dad's Army: Series 4, Don't Forget the Diver

The ingenuity of Mainwaring's men is put to the test.

Boots, Boots, Boots

3. Dad's Army: Series 4, Boots, Boots, Boots

Captain Mainwaring starts a foot-hardening programme.

Sgt - Save My Boy!

4. Dad's Army: Series 4, Sergeant - Save My Boy

Pike loses his way in a minefield during night manoeuvres.

Don't Fence Me In

5. Dad's Army: Series 4, Don't Fence Me In

Mainwaring's men are sent to guard the local POW camp.

Absent Friends

6. Dad's Army: Series 4, Absent Friends

The platoon forego a parade in Mainwaring's absence to compete in a darts match.

Put That Light Out

7. Dad's Army: Series 4, Put That Light Out

Captain Mainwaring sets up an observation post in the lighthouse.

The Two and a Half Feathers

8. Dad's Army: Series 4, The Two and a Half Feathers

The glorious history of Corporal Jones is brought into question.

Mum's Army

9. Dad's Army: Series 4, Mum's Army

Captain Mainwaring encourages the women of Walmington-on-Sea to join the platoon.

The Test

10. Dad's Army: Series 4, The Test

The Chief Warden challenges Captain Mainwaring to a game of cricket.

A Wilson (Manager?)

11. Dad's Army: Series 4, A Wilson (Manager?)

Wilson moves to Eastgate to be manager of their bank and joins their Home Guard.

Uninvited Guests

12. Dad's Army: Series 4, Uninvited Guests

HQ is bombed, forcing the wardens to share the church hall with the Home Guard.

The Fallen Idol

13. Dad's Army: Series 4, The Fallen Idol

The platoon goes on an exercise, but there are surprises in store for Captain Mainwaring.