Series I

Series I

Extended version of the comedy quiz show full of 'quite interesting' questions, including some to which nobody knows the answer.

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Episodes List


1. QI XL: Series I, I-Spy

Stephen Fry plays I-Spy with Sandi Toksvig, Lee Mack, Jimmy Carr and Alan Davies.


2. QI XL: Series I, International

Discussing international events are Jack Dee, David Mitchell, Bill Bailey and Alan Davies.


3. QI XL: Series I, Imbroglio

An imbroglio of issues with John Bishop, Frank Skinner, Sean Lock and Alan Davies.


4. QI XL: Series I, Indecision

Stephen Fry is indecisive. With Phill Jupitus, Rich Hall, Jimmy Carr and Alan Davies.


5. QI XL: Series I, Invertebrates

Sarah Millican, Jimmy Carr, Johnny Vegas and Alan Davies debate insects and invertebrates.


6. QI XL: Series I, Inventive

With guests Nina Conti, Sean Lock, Bill Bailey and Alan Davies.


7. QI XL: Series I, Incomprehensible

With Sue Perkins, Ross Noble, Professor Brian Cox and Alan Davies.


8. QI XL: Series I, Inequality

With Sandi Toksvig, Clive Anderson, Henning Wehn and Alan Davies.


9. QI XL: Series I, Illness

With Jo Brand, Ben Goldacre, Andy Hamilton and Alan Davies.

Inland Revenue

10. QI XL: Series I, Inland Revenue

Sandi Toksvig, Al Murray, Dara O Briain and Alan Davies face some taxing questions.


11. QI XL: Series I, Infantile

With Ronni Ancona, Dave Gorman, Lee Mack and Alan Davies.


12. QI XL: Series I, Illumination

With Jack Dee, Chris Addison, Rich Hall and Alan Davies.


13. QI XL: Series I, Intelligence

With Jo Brand, David Mitchell, Phill Jupitus and Alan Davies.


15. QI XL: Series I, Ice

With contestants Ross Noble, Sean Lock, Brian Blessed and Alan Davies.

Immortal Bard

16. QI XL: Series I, Immortal Bard

With Sue Perkins, Bill Bailey, David Mitchell and Alan Davies.