Series 2

Series 2

Documentary series. Follow a group of children as they discover, learn and experience things for the first time.

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Ski Trip

1. My First: Series 2, Ski Trip

Join Esther as she goes skiing for the first time with her family in Scotland.

Trip to the Seaside

2. My First: Series 2, Trip to the Seaside

Join Eiliyah and her grandma as they take their first trip to the seaside.


3. My First: Series 2, Baking

Join Jake as he bakes a cake for the first time.


5. My First: Series 2, Caravan

Join Rex as he goes on a caravan holiday in Wales with all his family.

Air Show

6. My First: Series 2, Air Show

Join Jesse as he goes to an air show for the first time.


7. My First: Series 2, Bike

Join Masie as she gets her first bike and learns to ride it.

Horse Ride

8. My First: Series 2, Horse Ride

Join Annie as she learns to ride a horse named Thunder.

Birthday Party

9. My First: Series 2, Birthday Party

Join Fern at her first birthday party, which includes face painting and a bouncy castle.


10. My First: Series 2, Dentist

Join Ava as she goes to the dentist for the first time.


11. My First: Series 2, Hobby

Join Grace as she starts her first hobby.

Swimming Lesson

12. My First: Series 2, Swimming Lesson

Join Daniella as she learns to swim.


13. My First: Series 2, Picnic

Join Lennox as he goes on his first picnic.