Series 1

Series 1

Preschool documentary series following children as they try out new experiences for the very first time.

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1. My First: Series 1, Brother

Ollie gets ready to welcome his new baby brother into the family.

Boat Trip

2. My First: Boat Trip

Adam takes his first boat trip to the Farne Islands.


3. My First: Garden

Tilly creates her first mini-garden.


4. My First: Farm

Isla visits a working farm for the very first time.


5. My First: Holiday

Izzy gets ready to travel abroad for her first holiday, in Portugal.


6. My First: Museum

Harry visits a museum for the very first time, with Mum and Nana.


7. My First: Camping

Joseph goes on his first camping trip to the Lake District with his family.


8. My First: Wedding

Kane and Keira attend their first wedding, where Mum and Dad are getting married!


9. My First: Train

Debbie takes her first-ever train ride to York to visit the railway museum.


10. My First: Series 1, Pet

Daniel's family visit a farm to meet Max, a dog who is looking for a new home.

Bank Account

11. My First: Bank Account

Killian opens his first bank account so he can save up for a toy.


12. My First: Library

Sisi loves reading, so Dad takes her on her first visit to a library.

House Move

13. My First: House Move

Thomas and Dad look for a new place to live.


14. My First: Glasses

Isabel visits the optician and gets her very first pair of glasses.


15. My First: Series 1, Funfair

Willow visits a funfair for the first time with her mum and dad.


16. My First: Series 1, Recycling

Logan learns some of the incredible ways you can reuse and recycle old materials.


17. My First: Series 1, Potty

Ellis grows in confidence as she learns to use the potty.

Musical Experience

18. My First: Series 1, Musical Experience

Levi learns all about music and finds his own favourite instrument.


19. My First: Series 1, Haircut

Priya visits a very special hairdressers, where she gets treated like a star.


20. My First: Nativity

Britney takes part in a nativity play for the very first time, playing Mary.