Series 7

Series 7

Documentary series following the highs and lows of young people, providing an insight into the lives of different children across the UK, each with a unique story to tell

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Fantastic Mr Fashion

1. My Life: Series 7, Fantastic Mr Fashion

Fashion designer Isaac attempts to get a slot on the runway at Brighton Fashion Week.

Knocked Back

2. My Life: Series 7, Knocked Back

Molly and Adam both try to recover from traumatic brain injuries.

Champion of the World

3. My Life: Series 7, Champion of the World

Following Irish dancer Lauren as she competes in the World Championships in Montreal.

The Boy on the Bicycle

4. My Life: Series 7, The Boy on the Bicycle

Sixteen-year-old Syrian Ahmed gives a guided tour of his home, a refugee camp in Jordan.

Never Give Up

5. My Life: Series 7, Never Give Up

Kai, who has ADHD, faces his first ever showjumping competition.

Teenage Ice Trekker

6. My Life: Series 7, Teenage Ice Trekker

Fourteen-year-old Jamie joins a team of adults to climb a mountain in eastern Greenland.

Marvellous Messy Minds

7. My Life: Series 7, Marvellous Messy Minds

Libby, Ethan and Oliver learn to control their mental health to achieve simple goals.

Take a Breath

8. My Life: Series 7, Take a Breath

Grace and Cerys juggle their passions with the demands of their condition cystic fibrosis.

My Voice

9. My Life: Series 7, My Voice

Eleven-year-old Persia tries to make her dream of being an opera singer come true.

Our Big Elephant Rescue

10. My Life: Series 7, Our Big Elephant Rescue

Natasha and her brother Joe rescue a mother elephant and her baby in Thailand.

Looking After Mum

11. My Life: Series 7, Looking After Mum

A musical documentary featuring three children who are young carers.