Series 7

Series 7

Drama featuring an eccentric group of ex-police officers brought out of retirement to investigate unsolved crimes.

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Dead Man Talking

1. New Tricks: Series 7, Dead Man Talking

A psychic tells a dead man's daughter she needs to resolve his unfinished business.

It Smells of Books

2. New Tricks: Series 7, It Smells of Books

Lane finds himself going undercover in The London Library.

Left Field

3. New Tricks: Series 7, Left Field

The team investigates the case of a missing five-year-old, 25 years ago.

Dark Chocolate

4. New Tricks: Series 7, Dark Chocolate

UCOS hunt a serial rapist in a chocolate factory which hides many dark secrets.

Good Morning Lemmings

5. New Tricks: Series 7, Good Morning Lemmings

The team reinvestigates the death of celebrated graffiti artist Danny 'Flak' Tyler.

Fashion Victim

6. New Tricks: Series 7, Fashion Victim

The team reinvestigates the murder of fashion designer Ritchie Levene.

Where There's Smoke

7. New Tricks: Series 7, Where There's Smoke

UCOS receive information that a club fire in 1996 was a targeted arson attack.

Coming Out Ball

8. New Tricks: Series 7, Coming Out Ball

The team reinvestigate the 1983 abduction of 18-year-old debutante Barbara Linden-Warner.

Gloves Off

9. New Tricks: Series 7, Gloves Off

The gun used to murder a talented young boxer 15 years ago surfaces in an armed robbery.

The Fourth Man

10. New Tricks: Series 7, The Fourth Man

The team find themselves drawn into a case involving high-level police corruption.