The lives of three strangers collide when they uncover an international military conspiracy to fund terrorist activities.

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Gone Elvis

1. Odyssey: Gone Elvis

Three families are torn apart when an international military conspiracy is uncovered.

Oscar Mike

2. Odyssey: Oscar Mike

Still in possession of the flash drive, Odelle escapes with Aslam.

Drop King

3. Odyssey: Drop King

Odelle loses Aslam as he retrieves the flash drive, but gets shot in the process.

Tango Uniform

4. Odyssey: Tango Uniform

Odelle comes face to face with her biggest threat, OSELA mercenary Frank Majors.

Beat Feet

5. Odyssey: Beat Feet

Colonel Glen orders Odelle to go to a secret CIA safe house and wait for help.


6. Odyssey: Wingman

Odelle is reunited with Aslam and Harrison and Bob are on the trail of the terrorist.

Soup Sandwich

7. Odyssey: Soup Sandwich

Odelle makes a video for a journalist after learning that Majors is still pursuing her.

Kmag Yo Yo

8. Odyssey: Kmag Yo Yo

Bob learns of Ruby Simms's original identity, but his attempts to warn Harrison backfire.


9. Odyssey: Figmo

After Odelle and Aslam encounter bandits in the desert, Luc comes to their rescue.

Fubar Bundy

10. Odyssey: Fubar Bundy

Bob confides to Harrison his suspicions of Ruby playing a role in his mother's death.


11. Odyssey: Gingerbread

Odelle finds herself at the mercy of a witch doctor.

Bug Out

12. Odyssey: Bug Out

Odelle and Luc face difficulties in deciding what is best for Aslam's future.

Real World

13. Odyssey: Real World

Odelle and Aslam are surprised that the person taking care of them is Luc's ex-wife.