Animated series about dirtgirl and her friends, who live in a world full of bizarre insects, underground tunnels, vaudevillian trained chickens and performing stunt bugs

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15. dirtgirlworld: Walkabout

Nature detective dirtgirl is on a walkabout - a nature walkabout.


16. dirtgirlworld: Balance

One morning dirtgirl decides to surprise all her friends with a present.


18. dirtgirlworld: Windy

Windy weather is great for flying kites but the kites must wait - it's tomato rescue time.


19. dirtgirlworld: Slugs

There are slugs all over dirtgirl's garden and she doesn't like them at all!


21. dirtgirlworld: Leak

When the water tank springs a leak, it's all hands on deck.


22. dirtgirlworld: Harmony

Both ken and dirtgirl plan to spend the whole day together doing fun things.


23. dirtgirlworld: Giants

Giant pumpkins have invaded dirtgirlworld! Who will win the giant pumpkin competition?


24. dirtgirlworld: Beach

A rainy day isn't a great day for a beach party - unless it's an inside beach party!

Pond Pals

25. dirtgirlworld: Pond Pals

When frogs start appearing everywhere but the frog pond, dirtgirl finds out why.


27. dirtgirlworld: Apples

It's grubby's birthday and dirtgirl plans a surprise apple party!


29. dirtgirlworld: Tools

Dirtgirl and scrapboy learn about using the right tool for the right job.

Time Machine

30. dirtgirlworld: Time Machine

After burying a time capsule the previous summer, dirtgirl and scrapboy dig it up.

Scrapbox Racer

32. dirtgirlworld: Scrapbox Racer

Scrapboy challenges dirtgirl to a race.


33. dirtgirlworld: Pollination

Dirtgirl learns all about bees and ken gets his own miniature garden.


34. dirtgirlworld: Windfall

It is a windy day in dirtgirlworld and ken tries his hand at feather surfing.


35. dirtgirlworld: Worms

In dirtgirl world dirtgirl makes a worm farm and ken dresses up as a cowboy!


37. dirtgirlworld: Dinosaur

Dinosaur bones are discovered by scrapboy in dirtgirl's garden.


41. dirtgirlworld: Solstice

It is the summer solstice and everyone prepares a dance for the Summer Dance Party Night.


45. dirtgirlworld: Butterflies

It is time for another Creepy Crawly Conga.


46. dirtgirlworld: Hatching

A new baby chick has hatched and velma and her egg have mysteriously gone missing.


47. dirtgirlworld: Trees

Everyone is celebrating Arbour Day and grubby invites cirque de soil to watch a stunt.


48. dirtgirlworld: Arhhh

When dirtgirl and scrapboy discover a pirate chest and key, they play pirates for the day.


49. dirtgirlworld: Rain

There are many signs that signal it is about to rain, so dirtgirl tries to discover them.