Series 1

Series 1

Children's sitcom set in Hotel Trubble, the craziest hotel in town.

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Royal Trubble

1. Hotel Trubble: Series 1, Royal Trubble

A royal impostor makes impossible demands and the hopeless staff hold it together.

Spies Like Us

5. Hotel Trubble: Series 1, Spies Like Us

A thief poses as a spy in order to steal Mr Trubble's diamond from the hotel safe.

Demolition Day

6. Hotel Trubble: Series 1, Demolition Day

Two excitable demolition thugs inform Jamie that the hotel is to be knocked down.

The Amazing Armando

7. Hotel Trubble: Series 1, The Amazing Armando

A famous magician visits the hotel, and Lenny makes his glamorous assistant vanish.

High Trubble Musical

8. Hotel Trubble: Series 1, High Trubble Musical

The staff must put on a fabulous performance for Mr Trubble's birthday.

X Marks the Spot

9. Hotel Trubble: Series 1, X Marks the Spot

The adventurer Dr Windy Banana Bones comes to relax and rest at Hotel Trubble.

Monkey Business

10. Hotel Trubble: Series 1, Monkey Business

Celebrity gorilla Lionel disappears during his stay at the hotel.

Sistery Mystery

11. Hotel Trubble: Series 1, Sistery Mystery

Could two nuns have anything to do with the menace playing pranks around the hotel?

Fright Knight

12. Hotel Trubble: Series 1, Fright Knight

Thanks to their resident ghost, the hotel staff get themselves on Most Haunted Live.

Dribble Versus Trubble

13. Hotel Trubble: Series 1, Dribble Versus Trubble

The evil staff of Hotel Dribble run a campaign to put Hotel Trubble out of business.