Series 1

Series 1

The quiz show with added Whizz, where three teams answer questions to win mods for their pods, then race around weird and wonderful raceworlds

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Vegetable Valley Alley

1. Kerwhizz: Series 1, Vegetable Valley Alley

A new and exciting raceworld may involve more weeding than whizzing for the teams.

The Slip and Slide Snow Ride

2. Kerwhizz: Series 1, The Slip and Slide Snow Ride

The teams race around a freezing raceworld, answering Kerwhizzitor's questions.

Castle Kingdom

3. Kerwhizz: Series 1, Castle Kingdom

Teams must answer questions and choose their Mods carefully to avoid a castle catastrophe.

Bedroom Zoom

4. Kerwhizz: Series 1, Bedroom Zoom

There is no time for snoring when there is scoring to be done in the big race.

The Daring Dino Dash

5. Kerwhizz: Series 1, The Daring Dino Dash

Kerwhizzitor has more kerwhizzical questions, and not everything is as it seems.

Hat-Trick Highway

6. Kerwhizz: Series 1, Hat-Trick Highway

The teams face a tricky time in a new race world and must use their Pod Mods wisely.

Funfair Freeway

7. Kerwhizz: Series 1, Funfair Freeway

Teams Ninki, Twist and Kit try to win in a funtastic rollercoaster of a race world.

The Great Space Race

8. Kerwhizz: Series 1, The Great Space Race

Teams Ninki, Twist and Kit are faced with a race that promises to be out of this world.

Bowling Alley Rally

9. Kerwhizz: Series 1, Bowling Alley Rally

Teams Ninki, Twist and Kit hope to strike it lucky in a skittle-stopper of a raceworld.

The Ace Choc Chase Race

10. Kerwhizz: Series 1, The Ace Choc Chase Race

Join teams Ninki, Twist and Kit as they quiz, then whizz. Who will get the best Mods?

Underwater Whizzway

11. Kerwhizz: Series 1, Underwater Whizzway

Ninki, Twist and Kit have a splashing time as they face another round of the quiz.

The Supershape Showdown

12. Kerwhizz: Series 1, The Supershape Showdown

Ninki, Twist and Kit need to be in good shape for this raceworld.

Egypt World

13. Kerwhizz: Series 1, Egypt World

Twist, Kit and Ninki answer questions in the hope of winning a Pod that is out of sight.

Supermarket Sprint

14. Kerwhizz: Series 1, Supermarket Sprint

Teams Twist, Kit and Ninki answer questions in the hopes of winning the best Pod Mods.

Goldfish Gulp

15. Kerwhizz: Series 1, Goldfish Gulp

The teams will need a fast Pod when something fishy goes down in the raceworld.

Whiffy World

16. Kerwhizz: Series 1, Whiffy World

This raceworld gets up the teams' noses as Ninki, Twist and Kit pong along.

Opposite World

17. Kerwhizz: Series 1, Opposite World

The speedy teams must be careful, as Kerwhizzitor has a twist in store for the winner.

Crazy Racy Golf

18. Kerwhizz: Series 1, Crazy Racy Golf

The three teams aim for a hole-in-one as they arrive at a crazy golf-themed raceworld.

Daredevil Dreamway

19. Kerwhizz: Series 1, Daredevil Dreamway

The teams find themselves in a raceworld which is particularly dreamy for the sidekicks.

The Fairy Tale Trail

20. Kerwhizz: Series 1, The Fairy Tale Trail

The teams find themselves surrounded by mystical goings-on in another raceworld.

The Marvellous Musical Marathon

21. Kerwhizz: Series 1, The Marvellous Musical Marathon

Teams Ninki, Twist and Kit need to get in the groove as they face a rocking raceworld.

Party Paradise

22. Kerwhizz: Series 1, Party Paradise

Twist's snuffly sidekick Snout may get his cake and eat it, but not before a few answers.

The Four Season Freeway

23. Kerwhizz: Series 1, The Four Season Freeway

Which team will come out on top as they face a seasonal round of the quiz?

The Super Ace Rainbow Race

24. Kerwhizz: Series 1, The Super Ace Rainbow Race

What nifty Mods will teams Ninki, Twist and Kit get for this colourful race?

Moonlight Night Flight

25. Kerwhizz: Series 1, Moonlight Night Flight

Teams Ninki, Twist and Kit take a night flight through a crazy constellation.

Fun Food Freeway

26. Kerwhizz: Series 1, Fun Food Freeway

Will Kerwhizzitor have a tasty treat in store for teams Ninki, Twist and Kit?