Series 1

Series 1

Action-adventure following the exploits of the teenage Leonardo da Vinci and his friends.

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Anything Is Possible

1. Leonardo: Series 1, Anything Is Possible

A pavement artist asks for a job at the workshop where Leonardo is apprenticed.

Da Vinci's Code

2. Leonardo: Series 1, Da Vinci's Code

Piero steals Leo's notebook, but all the formulae and calculations are written in code.

A Wing and a Prayer

3. Leonardo: Series 1, A Wing and a Prayer

Leo works on a massive pair of wings, with which he believes he'll be able to fly.

Something Wicked

4. Leonardo: Series 1, Something Wicked

Leo and Tom must paint the wedding portrait of the unhappiest bride they have ever seen.

It Must Be Love

5. Leonardo: Series 1, It Must Be Love

Lorenzo's spoilt cousin Valentina falls in love with Lisa in her disguise as Tom.

The Lightning Box

6. Leonardo: Series 1, The Lightning Box

Lorenzo and Leo secretly borrow a mysterious box from the palace.

Time Waits

7. Leonardo: Series 1, Time Waits

Leonardo discovers a watch that may have the power to travel in time.

Angels and Cherubs

8. Leonardo: Series 1, Angels and Cherubs

Leonardo is determined to produce the best painting of his life to win a competition.

Lost and Found

9. Leonardo: Series 1, Lost and Found

Lisa ends up in an elaborate charade, with Mac pretending to be her husband.

Servant of Florence

10. Leonardo: Series 1, Servant of Florence

Leo, Lisa and Mac go in disguise to an exclusive party at the Medici Palace.

Bandit Queen

11. Leonardo: Series 1, Bandit Queen

Lorenzo falls in love with a commoner, and Leo and Mac break into the Medici Palace.


12. Leonardo: Series 1, Fireball

Leo and Lisa are summoned to the Medici Palace, where Piero has a surprise for them.

Enter the Robot

13. Leonardo: Series 1, Enter the Robot

Florence is thrown into panic by what appears to be a destructive, fire-breathing demon.