Series 2

Series 2

Action-adventure following the exploits of the teenage Leonardo da Vinci and his friends.

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1. Leonardo: Series 2, Illusion

Piero's threat of revenge is still hanging over Leonardo.


1. Leonardo: Series 2, Framed

Piero's threat of revenge is still hanging over Leonardo.


2. Leonardo: Series 2, Perspective

With time running out, Leo embarks on a dangerous plan to spring his maestro from jail.

The Betrothal Ball

3. Leonardo: Series 2, The Betrothal Ball

The Medici throw a lavish Masked Ball in Lorenzo's honour.

Cat and Mouse

4. Leonardo: Series 2, Cat and Mouse

Mac is convinced Lorenzo's new friend Bruno is bad news.

Diabolical Acts

5. Leonardo: Series 2, Diabolical Acts

Leo and Tom get starring roles in a play performed by a travelling theatre group.

Dragon Hunt

6. Leonardo: Series 2, Dragon Hunt

A young man asks Leo to help him solve the clues of an ancient treasure map.

The Mask of Death

7. Leonardo: Series 2, The Mask of Death

Leo realises the story of the old Duke's death doesn't add up.

Stupid Cupid

8. Leonardo: Series 2, Stupid Cupid

Whilst Piero prepares for his coronation, a mistake lands Mac in hot water.

The Tortoise and the Hare

9. Leonardo: Series 2, The Tortoise and the Hare

Leo's idea for a weapon may prove fatal when his tests enrage the new Duke of Florence.

By the Sword

10. Leonardo: Series 2, By the Sword

Leonardo begins work on building his superweapon.


11. Leonardo: Series 2, Hitched

The gang launch a risky scheme to try get Lorenzo out of his big day.

The Fugitive

12. Leonardo: Series 2, The Fugitive

Leo risks everything to help a young girl and her grandma.

The Dogs of War

13. Leonardo: Series 2, The Dogs of War

With all the odds against them, can Leo and his friends stop Piero before it's too late?