Series 6

Series 6

Children's drama series about undercover agents in an inner-city high school

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Episodes List

The Fall of Skul (Episodes 1 and 2)

1. M.I. High: Series 6, The Fall of Skul (Episodes 1 and 2)

Spy handler Frank London is on the lookout for a new bunch of young secret agents.

The Fall of Skul

1. M.I. High: Series 6, The Fall of Skul

The new spy team undertake one of their most dangerous assignments yet.

Trojan Korps

2. M.I. High: Series 6, Trojan Korps

Loyalties are tested when a series of embarrassing incidents threaten to bring down MI9.

Grosse Encounters

3. M.I. High: Series 6, Grosse Encounters

An enemy satellite which KORPS are desperate to get hold of crashes near St Hearts.

The Face of Revenge

4. M.I. High: Series 6, The Face of Revenge

An embittered music mogul plans revenge on pop fans.

Mission: Incredible

5. M.I. High: Series 6, Mission: Incredible

The team go on their first international mission, to the rogue state of Boldovia.

The Hive

6. M.I. High: Series 6, The Hive

St Heart's school is chosen by a celebrity chef as a test bed for his new health drink.

Old School

7. M.I. High: Series 6, Old School

An old-school spy infiltrates the St Heart's spybase and hijacks an MI9 invention.

The Germinator

8. M.I. High: Series 6, The Germinator

A plague of super-germs incapacitates everyone and it's up to Tom to save the day.

The Dark Wizard

9. M.I. High: Series 6, The Dark Wizard

The team infiltrate a fantasy convention.

One Flew Over the Budgie's Cage

10. M.I. High: Series 6, One Flew Over the Budgie's Cage

As the threat of nuclear destruction looms, the team face their most difficult dilemma.

Prison Break

11. M.I. High: Series 6, Prison Break

The team must help a former KORPS leader escape from prison.


12. M.I. High: Series 6, Inheritance

The team protect the heir to the throne of a small European state.

The Final Endgame

13. M.I. High: Series 6, The Final Endgame

The team come close to losing one of their own to the dark side.