Series 5

Series 5

Children's drama series about undercover agents in an inner-city high school

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Vote Skul

1. M.I. High: Series 5, Vote Skul

The Grand Master stands for election as prime minister after Skul signs a peace treaty.

The B Team

2. M.I. High: Series 5, The B Team

When the spies are captured, Frank turns three more pupils into MI9 agents to rescue them.


3. M.I. High: Series 5, Ghosts

A mysterious hacker launches a string of attacks after SKUL destroys the first AI.

Total Eclipse

4. M.I. High: Series 5, Total Eclipse

Rose and the others at St Hope's are hypnotised whilst watching a rare solar eclipse.

The Gran Master

5. M.I. High: Series 5, The Gran Master

A notorious criminal escapes from prison at the age of 85 and reunites her gang.

The Patient

6. M.I. High: Series 5, The Patient

MI9 send a mysterious coma patient to St Hope's, but a team of ninjas are on his tail.

The Crystal of St Helena

7. M.I. High: Series 5, The Crystal of St Helena

The Grand Master has built a super weapon with only one missing component.

The Wasp

8. M.I. High: Series 5, The Wasp

The pupils of St Hope's are horrified when they are forced to speak politely.

Bully Elliot

9. M.I. High: Series 5, Bully Elliot

The team investigate a local dance school that may be hiding a secret.

Tim Brown's SKUL Days

10. M.I. High: Series 5, Tim Brown's SKUL Days

When the spies discover a SKUL school they send Oscar on an undercover mission.

The First to Crack

11. M.I. High: Series 5, The First to Crack

When a deadly poison is stolen from MI9, the spies suspect an eccentric puzzle maker.

Day of the Jacket

12. M.I. High: Series 5, Day of the Jacket

MI9 are on high alert when they learn that an enemy spy has stolen a disguise jacket.

The Lost Hero

13. M.I. High: Series 5, The Lost Hero

Oscar walks out on MI9 and goes on a dangerous mission to infiltrate SKUL.