Series 4

Series 4

Children's spy drama.

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Run Carrie Run

1. M.I. High: Series 4, Run Carrie Run

The Grandmaster sets off a Despair Bomb that emits fear, anger and hate.

The Bunny Whisperer

2. M.I. High: Series 4, The Bunny Whisperer

The Grandmistress conspires to get rid of the Grandmaster and take over SKUL.


3. M.I. High: Series 4, Quakermass

The UK is hit by an earthquake. Rose, Oscar and Carrie investigate and uncover a plot.

Mrs King: License to Spy

4. M.I. High: Series 4, Mrs King: License to Spy

Mrs King's memory wipe is failing, so the spies develop a strategy to fix it.

Don't Cook Now

5. M.I. High: Series 4, Don't Cook Now

The spies investigate a restaurant owned by celebrity chef Tommy Blumenheck.

Return of the Mummy

6. M.I. High: Series 4, Return of the Mummy

Jade Dixon Halliday's cover has been blown within SKUL and she needs to be broken out.


7. M.I. High: Series 4, Doppelgangers

Robot doppelgangers of the spies break into MI9 and steal important information.

High School Spy Movie

8. M.I. High: Series 4, High School Spy Movie

Rose and Oscar audition for parts in a film about spies in order to catch a thief.

Black Hole

9. M.I. High: Series 4, Black Hole

The team accidentally switch on a vacuum capable of creating a black hole.

Three Spies and a Baby

10. M.I. High: Series 4, Three Spies and a Baby

When the cleverest couple in Britain are kidnapped, the spies look after their baby.

Millionaire Flatley

11. M.I. High: Series 4, Millionaire Flatley

Mr Flatley stands to inherit a fortune - until he receives a ransom letter.


12. M.I. High: Series 4, Skuldiggery

Archaeologists come to St Hope's to investigate the disappearance of a Roman legion.

The Octopus

13. M.I. High: Series 4, The Octopus

The spies go on an undercover, underwater mission to stop the earth's destruction.