Series 3

Series 3

Children's spy drama.

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Art Attacks

1. M.I. High: Series 3, Art Attacks

Famous landmarks are being coated in graffiti. Can the spies stop the perpetrator in time?

The Mole

2. M.I. High: Series 3, The Mole

A mystery tunneller is robbing all the banks in the country, and MI9 must stop him.

Agent X

3. M.I. High: Series 3, Agent X

Oscar's identity has been revealed on the internet and evil Agent X is sent to kidnap him.

Mind Machine

4. M.I. High: Series 3, Mind Machine

The spies must find out why children at St Hope's are turning into Japanese fighting fish.

Dark Star

5. M.I. High: Series 3, Dark Star

An old enemy of Frank's breaks out of jail bent on revenge, hoping to steal the Dark Star.

Fit to Wurst

6. M.I. High: Series 3, Fit to Wurst

St Hope's pupils are getting fatter because of the greasy sausages handed out by Lubavitz.

The New Grand Master

7. M.I. High: Series 3, The New Grand Master

MI9 get a chance to catch the Grand Master, but the team's new gadgets are intercepted.

Think Tank

8. M.I. High: Series 3, Think Tank

Rose leaves MI High to go to a genius academy, but all is not what it seems.

Family Tree

9. M.I. High: Series 3, Family Tree

N80, a top secret real life Neanderthal, is stolen and then escapes onto London's streets.

The Glove

10. M.I. High: Series 3, The Glove

The spies must find the culprit who is stealing all of the UK's power.

The Visit

11. M.I. High: Series 3, The Visit

An international gymnastics competition comes to St Hope's, with disastrous consequences.

Operation Flopsy

12. M.I. High: Series 3, Operation Flopsy

Oscar's mother is a SKUL hostage, so the spies capture the Grand Master's rabbit, Flopsy.


13. M.I. High: Series 3, Moontaker

The spies must shut down a rocket to stop SKUL, but wind up in deep trouble.