Series 1

Series 1

Animated series about the Nektons, who use state-of-the-art technology to explore the mysterious depths of the ocean.

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Episodes List

Here Be Dragons

1. The Deep: Series 1, Here Be Dragons

A dragon-hunting expedition leads Ant to find an ancient scroll.

The Dark Orca

2. The Deep: Series 1, The Dark Orca

The Dark Orca pirates attack, believing the Nektons have a rare treasure aboard their sub.


3. The Deep: Series 1, AIMY

A new artificial intelligence running the sub takes over completely.

Digging Deeper

4. The Deep: Series 1, Digging Deeper

Will and Ant attempt to retrieve an object from the deepest part of the ocean.

The Devil's Sea Mystery

5. The Deep: Series 1, The Devil's Sea Mystery

Ant believes aliens are stealing things from an island and dragging them underwater.

Lonesome Jim

6. The Deep: Series 1, Lonesome Jim

The Nektons search for the rarest tortoise in the world after it is stolen.


7. The Deep: Series 1, Captured

Captain Hammerhead captures the Nektons aboard his sub.

The Test

8. The Deep: Series 1, The Test

The Nektons search to find a piece of the mysterious Ephemychron.


9. The Deep: Series 1, Fossil

Ant befriends a prehistoric crocodile, much to the annoyance of its mother.

Colossal Squid

10. The Deep: Series 1, Colossal Squid

Ant and Fontaine hunt for the rarest of ocean creatures: the colossal squid.

Monster Hunter

11. The Deep: Series 1, Monster Hunter

The Nektons meet online superstar Devil Daniels, who will stop at nothing for fame.

The Phantom Sub

12. The Deep: Series 1, The Phantom Sub

Ant searches for a ghost sub that he believes is at sail somewhere out in the ocean.

The Abyss Stares Back

13. The Deep: Series 1, The Abyss Stares Back

The Nektons dive into a rare 'blue hole', a sinkhole in the middle of the sea.

The Junior Nektons

14. The Deep: Series 1, The Junior Nektons

Ant and Fontaine deal with visiting fans and a whale calf in need of rescuing.

Treasure of the Islanders

15. The Deep: Series 1, Treasure of the Islanders

The Nektons are in a race to reach hidden treasure before the pirates.


16. The Deep: Series 1, Tunnel

The Nektons explore a mysterious tunnel behind a huge undersea waterfall.

The Sunken Gallery

17. The Deep: Series 1, The Sunken Gallery

The Nektons are arrested for stealing and Ant and Fontaine try to prove their innocence.

Field of Giants

18. The Deep: Series 1, Field of Giants

Fontaine and Smiling Finn get stuck inside a giant clam.

The Proteus Factor

19. The Deep: Series 1, The Proteus Factor

Proteus kidnaps Ant, believing he is the key to finding Lemuria.

The Sirens Song

20. The Deep: Series 1, The Sirens Song

Devil Daniels attempts to hunt a mythical creature whose song lures sailors to their doom.

Bad Luck Fish

21. The Deep: Series 1, Bad Luck Fish

A fish invades Jeffrey's home on the Aronnax. How can she get rid of it and its bad luck?

Strange Migration

22. The Deep: Series 1, Strange Migration

The Rover is swallowed by a huge, supposedly extinct prehistoric shark - a megalodon!


23. The Deep: Series 1, Bloop

The Nektons are trying to identify a unique life form which they have never seen before.

The Twilight Zone

24. The Deep: Series 1, The Twilight Zone

A weird glowing fish has lured every fish in the area to its bioluminescence.

Loki's Castle

25. The Deep: Series 1, Loki's Castle

While fighting over Viking treasure, the Nektons take over the Dark Orca.


26. The Deep: Series 1, Tartaruga

The Nektons explore a floating island and find the final piece of the Ephemychron.