Series 1

Series 1

Science monkey superhero Dr Brain pits children and CBBC celebrities against one another in a series of science-based tasks and conundrums designed to discover the 'ultimate brain'.

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Episodes List

Episode 1

1. Ultimate Brain: Series 1, Episode 1

Dr Brain pits Naomi Wilkinson, Sam Nixon and Mark Rhodes against two teams of children.

Episode 2

2. Ultimate Brain: Episode 2

The Dumping Ground's Kia Pegg, Amy-Leigh Hickman and Joe Maw take on more experiments.

Episode 3

3. Ultimate Brain: Episode 3

The 4 O'Clock Club's Khalil Madovi, Akai Osei and Ruby Morgan take on young scientists.

Episode 4

4. Ultimate Brain: Episode 4

Friday Download's Shannon Flynn, Richard Wisker and George Sear take on two young teams.

Episode 5

5. Ultimate Brain: Episode 5

A team from Dani's Castle take on two young teams.

Episode 6

6. Ultimate Brain: Episode 6

The cast of Wolfblood take on two more teams of young scientists.

Episode 7

7. Ultimate Brain: Episode 7

The stars of Hank Zipzer take on two teams and the Guinea Pig faces a sticky situation.

Episode 8

8. Ultimate Brain: Episode 8

Stars of comedy news show DNN take on two teams of young scientists.

Episode 9

9. Ultimate Brain: Episode 9

The Guinea Pig confronts a dizzying ultimate obstacle course.

Episode 10

10. Ultimate Brain: Episode 10

Dr Brain looks back at some of the craziest scientific challenges from the series.