Series 3

Series 3

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Forget About It

1. Wingin' It: Series 3, Forget About It

Carl struggles to regain his memory after Denise and Porter's memory magic goes awry.


2. Wingin' It: Series 3, Pimento

Carl is challenged to a burger eating contest and discovers it's not always great to win.

Practical Romance

3. Wingin' It: Series 3, Practical Romance

When Carl sees a cute new girl at school, Porter encourages him to ask her out.

Announce of Prevention

4. Wingin' It: Series 3, Announce of Prevention

Carl and Brittany volunteer to do the school announcements.

What I Re-Like About You

5. Wingin' It: Series 3, What I Re-Like About You

Jane realises that she has a crush on Carl, but it's too late because he's moved on.

Angel on Hippocampus

6. Wingin' It: Series 3, Angel on Hippocampus

Carl and Porter worry about Agent 45 taking Jane away.

Cosmonaut Claire 3-D

7. Wingin' It: Series 3, Cosmonaut Claire 3-D

Carl and Brittany lose their spot to see Cosmonaut Claire 3-D on opening night.

Total Debate of the Heart

8. Wingin' It: Series 3, Total Debate of the Heart

Jane creates confusion when she posts the list for the new debate team.

Flowers for Sergernon

9. Wingin' It: Series 3, Flowers for Sergernon

Carl's hands are cramped up from playing too many video games.

Live and Let Fly

10. Wingin' It: Series 3, Live and Let Fly

Carl and Jane race to invite each other to prom.