Series 2

Series 2

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Under Her Spell

1. Wingin' It: Series 2, Under Her Spell

Porter gets stuck by accident in the body of a puppet.

Me Carl, You Jane-ish

2. Wingin' It: Series 2, Me Carl, You Jane-ish

Denise creates a Jane double so she can get out of her history class.

Montclaire on the Air

3. Wingin' It: Series 2, Montclaire on the Air

Carl becomes a hit as the school radio DJ and Porter becomes the manager of a girl band.

Err a Parent

4. Wingin' It: Series 2, Err a Parent

Porter gets into a fix when he fakes his father's signature.

Taking Care of Quiz-ness

5. Wingin' It: Series 2, Taking Care of Quiz-ness

Porter signs Carl up as an reserve for the school trivia team.

Bully Elliot

6. Wingin' It: Series 2, Bully Elliot

When the new badminton coach gives Carl a hard time, Carl and Porter must work together.

To Serge With Love

7. Wingin' It: Series 2, To Serge With Love

When Bennett High gets an exchange student, Porter makes Carl her official translator.

All Lizards Go to Heaven, Part 1

8. Wingin' It: Series 2, All Lizards Go to Heaven, Part 1

Porter is arrested for unauthorised magic when he reanimates Carl's sister's lizard.

All Lizards Go to Heaven, Part 2

9. Wingin' It: Series 2, All Lizards Go to Heaven, Part 2

Carl finds himself trying to keep Porter from being expelled, but he needs Denise's help.

Best Before Date

10. Wingin' It: Series 2, Best Before Date

When Bennett High hosts a Cool Guy Charity Auction, Carl is purchased by Brittany.


11. Wingin' It: Series 2, Carl+Alt+Delete

Carl discovers that Ty is cheating, and asks Porter to send him into Ty's computer.

Reel Trouble

12. Wingin' It: Series 2, Reel Trouble

Porter accidentally beams Jane into a science fiction film.

Magical Kiss-tery Tour

13. Wingin' It: Series 2, Magical Kiss-tery Tour

Porter helps Carl build up his nerve to kiss Jane with a magic kiss enchantment spell.

Reality Bites

14. Wingin' It: Series 2, Reality Bites

When Carl argues with Brittany on air, they are shocked to discover their banter is a hit.

Lucy in the Sky with Carl

15. Wingin' It: Series 2, Lucy in the Sky with Carl

Carl helps out Porter by going undercover to work his shift at the Angel Cafe.

Hands Solo

16. Wingin' It: Series 2, Hands Solo

Alex breaks his arm and cannot take part in a hand-dance duel, so Carl steps in.

Without a Paddle

17. Wingin' It: Series 2, Without a Paddle

Carl gets stuck in slowed-time-world after his magic ping pong paddle breaks.

Alex in Slumberland

18. Wingin' It: Series 2, Alex in Slumberland

Denise is excited for her first date with Carl, but is left fuming when he does not show.

I Carlie

19. Wingin' It: Series 2, I Carlie

Denise turns Carl into Carlie to teach him a lesson in what it is like to be a girl.

Friday Afternoon Fever

20. Wingin' It: Series 2, Friday Afternoon Fever

Carl is unable to stop dancing after Porter puts some non-stop dance magic on him.

Don't Dimension It

21. Wingin' It: Series 2, Don't Dimension It

To cure Carl's boredom, Porter makes a magic locker which takes them to other dimensions.

Heaven Must Be Missing an Angel

22. Wingin' It: Series 2, Heaven Must Be Missing an Angel

Carl must be the wingman when Porter falls for a fellow Angel in Training, JenJen.

I Kinda Always Knew I'd Be Your Lex-Boyfriend

23. Wingin' It: Series 2, I Kinda Always Knew I'd Be Your Lex-Boyfriend

Carl and Denise's relationship is complicated by the appearance of Denise's ex-boyfriend.

Malone's Your Uncle

24. Wingin' It: Series 2, Malone's Your Uncle

Carl struggles to get permission from Principal Malone to date his niece.

We'll Always Have Detention

25. Wingin' It: Series 2, We'll Always Have Detention

Stuck in detention with Brittany, Carl misses a meeting with his secret admirer.

Fright Club

26. Wingin' It: Series 2, Fright Club

While trying to help Jane, Carl and Porter accidentally set a monster loose.

Greener-Man vs Polluter

27. Wingin' It: Series 2, Greener-Man vs Polluter

Serge has been accidentally transformed into a super-villain, Polluter.

At Home By Myself... With Carl

28. Wingin' It: Series 2, At Home By Myself... With Carl

Porter gives Carl magic TV monitors to keep up with school when he breaks his leg.