Series 1

Series 1

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Basket Case

1. Wingin' It: Series 1, Basket Case

Porter enters Carl in a basketball shoot-out, but Carl doesn't play basketball.

Big Hairy Deal

2. Wingin' It: Series 1, Big Hairy Deal

After Carl boasts that he can handle maturity, Porter gives him a beard.

She Blinded Me with Science

3. Wingin' It: Series 1, She Blinded Me with Science

Carl promises Alex that he will be his lab partner, only to ditch him for Brittany.

Getting Out of Dodge

4. Wingin' It: Series 1, Getting Out of Dodge

Porter gives Carl the magical ability to dodge anything and everything.

Do Over

5. Wingin' It: Series 1, Do Over

Carl bombs a history presentation and Porter magically sets time back by one hour.

One Flu Over the Talent Show

6. Wingin' It: Series 1, One Flu Over the Talent Show

Carl, Jane and Porter hold a talent show to raise funds for the school volleyball squad.

Cheer Me Up

7. Wingin' It: Series 1, Cheer Me Up

Porter uses his magic to make Carl an expert cheerleader and gets him on the cheer team.

Porter Jackson Can't Lose

8. Wingin' It: Series 1, Porter Jackson Can't Lose

Jane runs for student president, but she has strong competition: an unwitting Porter.

The Spinner and the Saint

9. Wingin' It: Series 1, The Spinner and the Saint

Carl and Porter face up to their magic troublemaking doubles.


10. Wingin' It: Series 1, Drama-Rama

Carl auditions for the school play and Dr Cassabi gets evaluated.

Almost Too Famous

11. Wingin' It: Series 1, Almost Too Famous

Carl discovers fame isn't all it's cracked up to be when he becomes a school celebrity.

Hold the Dressing

12. Wingin' It: Series 1, Hold the Dressing

With a little bit of help from Porter, Carl gets a job at the coolest store in the mall.

School Spirit

13. Wingin' It: Series 1, School Spirit

Carl is sent to an alternative reality where everything is upside down.