Series L

Series L

Extended version of the lively quiz loaded with laughter and learning linked by the letter L. Each week for this series, one of the answers is a little lavatorial.

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Episodes List


1. QI XL: Series L, L-Animals

Sarah Millican, Ross Noble and Colin Lane look at the largest and littlest of animal life.

Location, Location, Location

2. QI XL: Series L, Location, Location, Location

Jason Manford, Aisling Bea and Johnny Vegas look at some quite interesting locations.


3. QI XL: Series L, Literature

With Lloyd Langford, Victoria Coren Mitchell, Jack Whitehall and Alan Davies.


4. QI XL: Series L, Levity

Josh Widdicombe, Sue Perkins and Frank Skinner look at levity, levitation and lights.


5. QI XL: Series L, Lenses

Stephen Fry considers lenses, lungs, legs and other parts of the body beginning with L.


6. QI XL: Series L, Liblabble

Stephen Fry looks at a list of L-themed larks - a 'liblabble', as he calls it.


7. QI XL: Series L, Lethal

Bill Bailey, Sandi Toksvig and Jason Manford explore all things lethal and deadly.


8. QI XL: Series L, Lovely

Stephen Fry, Josh Widdicombe, Aisling Bea, Tony Hawks and Alan Davies look into love.

Ladies and Gents

9. QI XL: Series L, Ladies and Gents

Ross Noble, Kathy Lette and Sue Perkins are the ladies and gents on the panel.


10. QI XL: Series L, Lying

Sara Pascoe, Jack Whitehall and Adam Hills seek out the truth about liars and lying.

Lumped Together

11. QI XL: Series L, Lumped Together

David Mitchell, Ronni Ancona, Jimmy Carr work on L-themed larks.

Lucky Losers

13. QI XL: Series L, Lucky Losers

Jeremy Clarkson, Sandi Toksvig and Danny Baker take a look at luck and loss.

Little and Large

14. QI XL: Series L, Little and Large

Stephen Fry looks at the multi-sized world of the little and the large.