Series M

Series M

Extended version of the comedy quiz show. Stephen Fry moderates the magnificent quiz featuring a miscellaneous medley of mind-blowing minutiae and marvellous mirth, all linked by the letter M.

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Episodes List

A Medley of Maladies

1. QI XL: Series M, A Medley of Maladies

Stephen Fry mulls over some medical matters with Ross Noble, Matt Lucas and Lucy Porter.

Military Matters

2. QI XL: Series M, Military Matters

Stephen Fry marshals miscellaneous military matters with Sheila Hancock and Jimmy Carr.


3. QI XL: Series M, M-Places

Visiting places starting with an 'M' with Sue Perkins, Sami Shah and David Mitchell.


4. QI XL: Series M, Miscellany

Mulling over M-themed matters with Cariad Lloyd, Rhod Gilbert and Noel Fielding.


5. QI XL: Series M, Maths

Stephen Fry masters maths with Sandi Toksvig, Aisling Bea, Susan Calman and Alan Davies.

Marriage and Mating

6. QI XL: Series M, Marriage and Mating

Stephen Fry muses marriage and mating with Jo Brand, Greg Davies and Bill Bailey.

Middle Muddle

7. QI XL: Series M, Middle Muddle

Stephen Fry muddles through with Aisling Bea, Danny Bhoy, Jimmy Carr and Alan Davies.


8. QI XL: Series M, Merriment

Stephen Fry enjoys some merriment with Jenny Eclair, Johnny Vegas and Bill Bailey.

Messing With Your Mind

9. QI XL: Series M, Messing With Your Mind

Stephen Fry messes with your mind. With Sarah Millican, Tommy Tiernan and Josh Widdicombe.

Making a Meal of It

10. QI XL: Series M, Making a Meal of It

Stephen Fry makes a meal of M-themed food with Cariad Lloyd and Dermot O'Leary.


11. QI XL: Series M, Menagerie

Stephen Fry visits the menagerie for a look at some animals which start with an M.

Medieval and Macabre

12. QI XL: Series M, Medieval and Macabre

Stephen Fry meditates on matters medieval and macabre with Julia Zemiro and Matt Lucas.

Monster Mash

13. QI XL: Series M, Monster Mash

Stephen Fry goes looking for monsters with Sara Pascoe, Josh Widdicombe and Phill Jupitus.


14. QI XL: Series M, Messy

Stephen Fry mucks about with Sarah Millican, Eddie Kadi, Noel Fielding and Alan Davies.

Mix and Match

15. QI XL: Series M, Mix and Match

Stephen Fry mixes and matches with Jo Brand, James Acaster, Bill Bailey and Alan Davies.


16. QI XL: Series M, Misconceptions

Stephen Fry corrects some misconceptions with Sue Perkins, Sara Cox and Chris Addison.