Series 1

Series 1

Live debate and discussion show. Coming monthly from across the UK, Free Speech viewers get the chance speak up about the biggest issues we're facing today.

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Episode 1

1. Free Speech: Series 1, Episode 1

Radio 1Xtra DJ Gemma Cairney joins the panel to discuss benefits cuts and other issues.

Episode 2

2. Free Speech: Series 1, Episode 2

Celebrities and political commentators discuss crime and other big stories of the moment.

Episode 3

3. Free Speech: Series 1, Episode 3

Issues up for debate include drugs legalisation and the unemployment rate for black men.

Olympics Special

4. Free Speech: Series 1, Olympics Special

Jake Humphrey hosts a live debate from London, as a panel debates the Olympics.

Higher Education Special

5. Free Speech: Series 1, Higher Education Special

Live debate from Edinburgh, as a panel discusses whether higher education is worthwhile.

Free Speech: Debt Special

6. Free Speech: Series 1, Free Speech: Debt Special

Jake Humphrey hosts a debate which tackles the debt and credit issues facing young people.

US Election Special

8. Free Speech: Series 1, US Election Special

As Americans vote for a new president, Jake Humphrey chairs a live debate from Colchester.

Body Beautiful Special

9. Free Speech: Series 1, Body Beautiful Special

Young people discuss issues raised in BBC Three's Body Beautiful Season.

Unemployment Crisis

10. Free Speech: Series 1, Unemployment Crisis

In Swansea, the panel tackles issues of long-term youth unemployment and online safety.

Episode 11

11. Free Speech: Series 1, Episode 11

In Liverpool, the panel tackles issues of addiction. Is it a medical or criminal issue?