The Countryfile team explore the people, places and stories that make up the British countryside.

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2. Countryfile: Shorts, Hampshire

Matt Baker and Julia Bradbury are in the county of Hampshire.


3. Countryfile: Shorts, Cambridgeshire

Ellie Harrison examines Newmarket's equine heritage, and John Craven visits Ely Cathedral.


4. Countryfile: Shorts, Northamptonshire

This episode explores the county of Northamptonshire.

The Lake District

5. Countryfile: Shorts, The Lake District

John Craven visits the Lake District - England's biggest National Park.

The Humber

6. Countryfile: Shorts, The Humber

Julia Bradbury is at Leconfield, an MOD defence school for transport.


7. Countryfile: Shorts, Calderdale

Matt Baker looks at a food revolution in Todmorden and Tom Heap reports on Britain's bees.

The Future of Farming

8. Countryfile: Shorts, 16/12/2016

Tom Heap looks at whether Britain can meet the farming challenges of the future.


9. Countryfile: Shorts, Northamptonshire

Julia Bradbury discovers the hidden heritage of Northamptonshire.

North Wales

10. Countryfile: Shorts, North Wales

Ellie Harrison gets up close to a strange and wonderful coastal habitat.


11. Countryfile: Shorts, Fife

In the historic kingdom of Fife, Matt Baker explores Tentsmuir forest.


12. Countryfile: Shorts, Wildflowers

Tom Heap finds out why wildflowers are disappearing from the British landscape.

Thames Valley

14. Countryfile: Shorts, Thames Valley

John Craven visits the Household Cavalry as they take part in an equine health survey.

Burnham Beeches

15. Countryfile: Shorts, Burnham Beeches

Julia Bradbury is at Burnham Beeches on the hunt for giant wood ants.


16. Countryfile: Shorts, Cambridgeshire

John Craven is on a literary journey in the village of Helpston.


18. Countryfile: Shorts, Kent

The Countryfile team are on the coastal flatlands of Kent.


22. Countryfile: Shorts, 30/08/2017

The people, places and stories making news in the British countryside.