Pop-up book adventures with the curious Abadas, Hari the hippo, Ela the fox and Seren the bat.

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1. Abadas: Anchor

The Abadas are pirates. One lucky pirate is chosen to go in search of an anchor.


2. Abadas: Piano

The Abadas love to sing and are delighted when they hear that their word is a musical one.


3. Abadas: Icicle

The featured word is 'icicle'. The Abadas learn that it has something to do with water.


4. Abadas: Cloud

The friends ponder the word 'cloud' and reach for the sky to get some answers.


5. Abadas: Lighthouse

The featured word is able to seek out things that cannot be seen.


6. Abadas: Flag

The Abadas enjoy a game of ball, until the strong winds blow the ball out to sea.


7. Abadas: Igloo

The Abadas look for the new word 'igloo' at the seaside.


8. Abadas: Boomerang

The Abadas learn what a boomerang is and where the best place to throw one would be.

Magnifying Glass

9. Abadas: Magnifying Glass

One of the Abadas heads off to find out about 'magnifying glass'.

Roller Skates

10. Abadas: Roller Skates

The Abadas are delighted when Ben wants to join in and play the word game.


11. Abadas: Wheelbarrow

The new word is 'wheelbarrow'. Which of the Abadas will be chosen to search for it?


12. Abadas: Computer

Ben wants join in with the Abadas's game and play another with them.

Steam Train

13. Abadas: Steam Train

Ela, Hari and Seren decide who is the best Abada to look for the new word.


14. Abadas: Owl

Ben reads Seren, Hari and Ela a story and then it's time to look for the new word.


15. Abadas: Stool

After building a snow castle in the snowy mountains, the Abadas play the word game.


16. Abadas: Umbrella

The Abadas make a den inside the house and have a lot of fun playing in the rain.


17. Abadas: Buoy

The Abadas try to find the exciting new word 'buoy'.


18. Abadas: Orange

One Abada goes on an exciting adventure to look for something round and sweet smelling.

Sea Turtle

19. Abadas: Sea Turtle

An Abada goes searching for a creature that lives underwater and has a shell on its back.


20. Abadas: Snowboard

Hari sets off on another adventure as he searches the mountains for a snowboard.


21. Abadas: Gift

Ela feels left out as she doesn't have a special toy to take to the Abadas's picnic.


22. Abadas: Windmill

Ela is chosen to go on a new adventure - to look for a windmill.


23. Abadas: Skis

Ben invites the Abadas to play a great game.


24. Abadas: Firework

The new word is firework, and there's only one Abada that's equipped to look for it.


25. Abadas: Trumpet

Hari, Ela and Seren are playing in the garden, but one is needed to find the new word.


26. Abadas: Map

Hari goes in search of a map, but discovers a scooter as he explores the area.


27. Abadas: Rush

After playing jungle adventure in the garden, Hari, Seren and Ela play the word game.


28. Abadas: Suncream

The Abadas are watering the plants when Ben gives them something new to look for.


29. Abadas: Drawer

Hari's toy duck Cwac goes missing in the garden, and Ela is determined to find it.


30. Abadas: Swing

The word of the day is 'swing'. Who will be chosen to look for it?


31. Abadas: Greenhouse

The Abadas are busy building a snuggly-wuggly den.


32. Abadas: Scales

The word of the day is 'scales'. Who will be chosen to look for it?


33. Abadas: Starfish

The word of the day is 'starfish'. Will the Abadas work out where to find it?


34. Abadas: Cocoon

Ela is staging a magic show for her friends.

Rocking Horse

35. Abadas: Rocking Horse

The Abadas are playing horses. The word of the day has something to do with horses too.


36. Abadas: Toothbrush

The Abadas are playing hairdressers and are busy making themselves look pretty and clean.


37. Abadas: Camera

The Abadas are drawing pictures in the garden.


38. Abadas: Puppet

The Abadas come across a talking sunflower in the countryside.

Weather Vane

39. Abadas: Weather Vane

The Abadas are racing their paper boats.


40. Abadas: Microphone

The Abadas are playing music in their band but something is missing.


41. Abadas: Stile

The Abadas are enjoying a hot day at the beach.


42. Abadas: Bridge

Ela the dragon is guarding the Abadas' picnic across the muddy river.


43. Abadas: Crown

Princess Ela prepares for a ride in her carriage.


44. Abadas: Cherry

The Abadas play restaurants, and Hari and Seren serve up a surprise for Ela.


45. Abadas: Robin

The Abadas are on an arctic adventure but are soon in trouble.


46. Abadas: Well

The Abadas are having a pirate adventure at the beach.


47. Abadas: Caravan

After racing their go-karts in the garden, Ela, Hari and Seren play the word game.


48. Abadas: Submarine

Hari the hippo is teaching the other Abadas to swim.


49. Abadas: Calculator

The Abadas are adding up - the word of the day is something that might be able to help.


50. Abadas: Coconut

The Abadas are playing Hari's super throwing game, but things are tougher than they seem.

Windsurfing Board

51. Abadas: Windsurfing Board

Just as the Abadas finish tidying up, Ben has a new word to look for.

Mobile Phone

52. Abadas: Mobile Phone

Seren and Ela are searching for clues around the garden to find Hari.