Series 1

Series 1

Diddy Dick and Dom launch their own television channel

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1. Diddy TV: Series 1, Misty

Diddy Dick and Dom have launched their own television channel.


2. Diddy TV: Series 1, Peanuts

Contestants enter the Box for a chance to win amazing prizes.


3. Diddy TV: Series 1, Angel

Diddy Stampy Longnose turns up to watch the programmes.

Let's Face the Music

4. Diddy TV: Series 1, Let's Face the Music

Featuring an appeal to help elderly people buy their own catapult.


5. Diddy TV: Series 1, Popcorn

Featuring the Dom Show, Deadly Diddy 60 and Diddymind.

He Ain't Heavy

6. Diddy TV: Series 1, He Ain't Heavy

Featuring The Diddy Step, and street magic in Abracamazing.

Saturday Night Suit

7. Diddy TV: Series 1, Saturday Night Suit

Diddy Dick and Dom have their own TV station!

Forever and Ever

8. Diddy TV: Series 1, Forever and Ever

Featuring a heartbreaking documentary about a boy with a spoon for a nose.

Let It Go

9. Diddy TV: Series 1, Let It Go

Diddy Hazel Irvine hosts the final of the world snooker tournament.

That's What You Think

10. Diddy TV: Series 1, That's What You Think

The pair look back at some of their greatest ratings hits over their first season on air.