Series 6

Series 6

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Kimberly Wyatt

1. Hacker Time: Series 6, Kimberly Wyatt

Kimberly Wyatt from Taking the Next Step joins Hacker and the team.

Leona Vaughan & Louis Payne

2. Hacker Time: Series 6, Leona Vaughan & Louis Payne

Leona Vaughan and Louis Payne from Wolfblood take part in the chaos.

Lauren Layfield

3. Hacker Time: Series 6, Lauren Layfield

One of the presenters of CBBC's The Dengineers drops in to join Hacker and the team.

Alison Hammond

4. Hacker Time: Series 6, Alison Hammond

Showbiz reporter Alison Hammond gets flushed in to the Hacker Time studio.

Isabel Clifton & Matthew Ashford

5. Hacker Time: Series 6, Isabel Clifton & Matthew Ashford

Hetty Feather actors Isabel Clifton and Matthew Ashforde join Hacker in the studio.

Steph McGovern

6. Hacker Time: Series 6, Steph McGovern

BBC Breakfast and Pocket Money Pitch presenter Steph McGovern is Hacker's guest.

Michelle Hardwick

7. Hacker Time: Series 6, Michelle Hardwick

Hacker tricks Emmerdale actress Michelle Hardwick into the studio.

Luis Troyano

8. Hacker Time: Series 6, Luis Troyano

Great British Bake Off finalist Luis Troyano joins Hacker in the studio.

Paul Martin

9. Hacker Time: Series 6, Paul Martin

Paul Martin from Flog It! joins Hacker in the studio.

Ricky Martin

10. Hacker Time: Series 6, Ricky Martin

CBBC's Art Ninja, Ricky Martin, joins Hacker for a show about all things art.