I Want My Own Room

I Want My Own Room

Series in which kids take control of a room in their house and re-design it in any way they choose.

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Episodes List

Dance Studio

1. I Want My Own Room: Dance Studio

Sofia loves to dance but there is no space to practise in her bedroom.

Office/Games Room

2. I Want My Own Room: Office/Games Room

Alex builds a room of his own in the garden.

Design Den

3. I Want My Own Room: Design Den

Freya and Hattie try to convert their junk room into a design den.

Bird Hide

4. I Want My Own Room: Bird Hide

Elliot wants to build his own specially designed bird hide in the garden.

Cinema Theme

5. I Want My Own Room: Cinema Theme

Lydia wants to take over the spare bedroom and give it a cinema theme in just four days.

Chillout Space

6. I Want My Own Room: Chillout Space

Elsie wants to install a climbing wall - can she get it all finished in just four days?

Songwriting Studio

7. I Want My Own Room: Songwriting Studio

Dean wants to convert the garage into a music studio in just four days.

Science Theme

8. I Want My Own Room: Science Theme

Jake is science and gadget mad and would like to make his room look out-of-this-world.

Rehearsal Room

9. I Want My Own Room: Rehearsal Room

Jaya wants more space to practise her musical instruments and to write stories.

Boy's Bedroom

10. I Want My Own Room: Boy's Bedroom

Lewis and Jake support different football teams and don't want to share a room any more.

Great Outdoors Theme

12. I Want My Own Room: Great Outdoors Theme

Zak shares a bedroom with his brother so does not have the space to make models.

Theatre Space

13. I Want My Own Room: Theatre Space

Kathryn and Suzy need space to practise their drama, but can they transform a junk room?


13. I Want My Own Room: Revisits

Lisa visits some of the rooms from the series to see what happened after the cameras left.