Comedy drama about a girl with a magic cookbook

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Baker House Blend

1. Jinx: Baker House Blend

An extraordinary visitor takes Lulu on an exciting and magical adventure.

Dead and Butter Pudding

2. Jinx: Dead and Butter Pudding

Lulu is left to babysit Torquil, but a recipe of Cookie's turns him into a zombie!

The Chip Files

5. Jinx: The Chip Files

When Cookie turns Chip into an alien, nobody knows quite what to believe!

A Slice of the Future

6. Jinx: A Slice of the Future

Thanks to Cookie, Mike's fish and chips pizzas enjoy a brief spell of popularity.

Proof of the Pudding

7. Jinx: Proof of the Pudding

Lulu engineers a reconciliation between her father and his long-estranged brother Paolo.

Minty Freshman

10. Jinx: Minty Freshman

Lulu volunteers herself and Frenchy for the school talent show.

Humble Pie and Mash

11. Jinx: Humble Pie and Mash

Lulu tries to turn her father into a television performer and ends up a celebrity herself.

Flavour of the Month

12. Jinx: Flavour of the Month

Cookie provides a recipe which makes the world agree with everything Lulu says.

Cake Expectations

13. Jinx: Cake Expectations

Lulu has to do a presentation in class on a Victorian novel, but she hasn't read the book.