Series 4

Series 4

Hacker T Dog presents his own unique brand of top line entertainment - games, music, and comedy, all with a canine twist

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Bobby Lockwood

1. Hacker Time: Series 4, Bobby Lockwood

Hacker tries to outfox Wolfblood's Bobby Lockwood.

Perri & Jordan

2. Hacker Time: Series 4, Perri & Jordan

Hacker attempts to impress Perri Kiely and Jordan Banjo from Diversity.

Deborah Meaden

3. Hacker Time: Series 4, Deborah Meaden

Hacker hopes Deborah Meaden will invest her time and effort in his flea-ridden ideas.

Ben Shires

4. Hacker Time: Series 4, Ben Shires

Hacker tries to keep another show on air, while Wilf and Herman attempt to present.

Martin Lewis

5. Hacker Time: Series 4, Martin Lewis

Including a lift-based quiz that works on many levels.

Simon Rimmer

6. Hacker Time: Series 4, Simon Rimmer

Featuring the flight documentary Aeroport and TV chef Simon Rimmer.

Radzi & Lindsey

7. Hacker Time: Series 4, Radzi & Lindsey

Hacker meets Blue Peter presenters Radzi and Lindsey.

Maisie Smith

8. Hacker Time: Series 4, Maisie Smith

Chat and music with a cockney twist as Hacker's guest is EastEnders star Maisie Smith.

Sally Nugent

9. Hacker Time: Series 4, Sally Nugent

Featuring an appearance from Derek's mother, plus BBC Breakfast's Sally Nugent.

Ortis Deley

10. Hacker Time: Series 4, Ortis Deley

Featuring a trip to the future inspired by Ortis Deley from The Gadget Show.