Series 3

Series 3

Hacker T Dog presents his own unique brand of top line entertainment - games, music, and comedy, all with a canine twist

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Episodes List

Sam and Mark

1. Hacker Time: Series 3, Sam and Mark

Hacker tries to wind up his special guests, Sam and Mark.

Susanna Reid

2. Hacker Time: Series 3, Susanna Reid

Hacker hones his interviewing skills with BBC Breakfast's Susanna Reid.

Joe Pasquale

3. Hacker Time: Series 3, Joe Pasquale

More chaotic canine comedy capers from Hacker, with guest Joe Pasquale.

Saira Khan

4. Hacker Time: Series 3, Saira Khan

Hacker and his team attempt to keep another show on air. With guest Saira Khan.

Robbie Savage

5. Hacker Time: Series 3, Robbie Savage

Hacker tackles Robbie Savage with some footie banter.

Khalil and Jason

6. Hacker Time: Series 3, Khalil and Jason

Hacker's guests are Khalil Madovi and Jason Callender from 4 O'Clock Club.

Matt Allwright

7. Hacker Time: Series 3, Matt Allwright

Comedy, music, and games, plus Watchdog's very own Matt Allwright.

Fran Scott

8. Hacker Time: Series 3, Fran Scott

Hacker's inventive skills are put to the test, as his guest is scientist Fran Scott.

Andrew Whyment

9. Hacker Time: Series 3, Andrew Whyment

Hacker's guest is Coronation Street's Andrew Whyment.

Shannon Flynn

10. Hacker Time: Series 3, Shannon Flynn

Hacker goes out on a howling high note in the final show of the series.