Series 2

Series 2

Hacker T Dog has somehow managed to get his own TV programme! Featuring sketches, comedy guests and outtakes from other programmes.

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Episodes List

Dick and Dom

1. Hacker Time: Series 2, Dick and Dom

Dick and Dom are Hacker T Dog's special guests.

Sue Barker

2. Hacker Time: Series 2, Sue Barker

Hacker T Dog is joined by Sue Barker and a dancing lemon.

Naomi Wilkinson

3. Hacker Time: Series 2, Naomi Wilkinson

Naomi Wilkinson is tricked on to the set to prove that she's neither Deadly nor 60.

Barney Harwood

4. Hacker Time: Series 2, Barney Harwood

Blue Peter bloke Barney Harwood finds himself on Hacker's chat show.

Gerran Howell and Clare Thomas

5. Hacker Time: Series 2, Gerran Howell and Clare Thomas

Young Dracula actors Gerran (Vlad) and Claire (Ingrid) are spooktacularly tricked.

Ed Petrie

7. Hacker Time: Series 2, Ed Petrie

Hacker tricks Ed Petrie into appearing as a guest on his tiny, tiny little TV show.

Connor Byrne and Kay Purcell

8. Hacker Time: Series 2, Connor Byrne and Kay Purcell

Hacker causes more trouble than Tracy Beaker with some guests from the Dumping Ground.

Ricky Boleto

9. Hacker Time: Series 2, Ricky Boleto

Ricky Boleto has been inadvertently tricked into appearing on Hacker Time!

Jennie McAlpine

10. Hacker Time: Series 2, Jennie McAlpine

Featuring another ridiculous song and doggy detective Sherlock Bones.

Ceallach Spellman

10. Hacker Time: Series 2, Ceallach Spellman

Cel from Friday Download gets uploaded into the studio.