Series 1

Series 1

Hacker T Dog has somehow managed to get his own TV programme! Featuring sketches, comedy guests and outtakes from other programmes.

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Episodes List

Anton Du Beke

1. Hacker Time: Series 1, Anton Du Beke

Hacker tricks Anton Du Beke into being his studio guest and challenges him to a dance-off.

Dani Harmer

2. Hacker Time: Series 1, Dani Harmer

Hacker tries to break into acting and tricks Dani Harmer into being a studio guest.

Danny Anthony & Anjli Mohindra

3. Hacker Time: Series 1, Danny Anthony & Anjli Mohindra

Hacker shares his unique take on aliens from galaxies far away.

Steve Backshall

4. Hacker Time: Series 1, Steve Backshall

Hacker gives his unique take on animal programmes. Plus, a trip to Downstairs Abbey.

Carol Kirkwood

5. Hacker Time: Series 1, Carol Kirkwood

Hacker tricks Carol Kirkwood from BBC Weather into the studio.

Pollyanna Woodward

7. Hacker Time: Series 1, Pollyanna Woodward

Hacker tricks Pollyanna Woodward from the Gadget Show into the studio.

JK & Joel

8. Hacker Time: Series 1, JK & Joel

Hacker fools Hider In the House duo JK and Joel into the studio.

Stefan Gates

9. Hacker Time: Series 1, Stefan Gates

Hacker cooks up trouble when he invites Stefan Gates from Gastronuts into the studio.

Bill Turnbull and Sian Williams

10. Hacker Time: Series 1, Bill Turnbull and Sian Williams

Hacker tricks BBC Breakfast presenters Bill Turnbull and Sian Williams into the studio.


11. Hacker Time: Series 1, Jedward

Hacker attracts Jedward into the studio. Featuring another trip to Downstairs Abbey.

Helen Skelton

12. Hacker Time: Series 1, Helen Skelton

Hacker shares his take on television adventurers and tricks Helen Skelton into the studio.

Iain Stirling

13. Hacker Time: Series 1, Iain Stirling

In the last of the series, Hacker tries to trick a teenage heart-throb into the studio.