Series 1

Series 1

Comedy adventure series, aimed at four and five-year-olds, in which animated numbers solve mathematical problems in the real world, with input from real children

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Going Wrong, Going Long

2. Numberjacks: Series 1, Going Wrong, Going Long

A boy is having trouble with his pencil. 4 goes to see what is wrong, but can he help?

Sphere Today, Gone Tomorrow

3. Numberjacks: Series 1, Sphere Today, Gone Tomorrow

3 is playing keepy-uppy with her boing ball and she boings the ball around the room.

In, Out, Shake It All About

4. Numberjacks: Series 1, In, Out, Shake It All About

Number 3 plays with her beautiful things. A girl has trouble with her pencil case.

Seven Wonders

7. Numberjacks: Series 1, Seven Wonders

The Agents call in when a boy's toys have extra things appearing mysteriously.


9. Numberjacks: Series 1, Belongings

The Numberjacks are playing Thinkyjump, trying to match the pictures, when agents call in.

He's a Jolly Good Fellow

10. Numberjacks: Series 1, He's a Jolly Good Fellow

Numbers 3, 4 and 6 are playing shut-eye bloop ball. A girl's clock has its four missing.

Boxing Day

11. Numberjacks: Series 1, Boxing Day

Shape Japer is interfering with boxes, and 6 uses Brain Gain to put things right.

Out of Order

12. Numberjacks: Series 1, Out of Order

The Numberjacks are called on when things keep vanishing. Number 6 takes on the mission.

Nine Lives

13. Numberjacks: Series 1, Nine Lives

Numbers 3 and 4 discover that 0 has disappeared and is making things vanish into nothing.


14. Numberjacks: Series 1, Takeaway

Toys are disappearing and the Numbertaker is to blame - but the Numberjacks scare him off.

The Cuck-cuck-cuck-oo-oo-oo Bird

15. Numberjacks: Series 1, The Cuck-cuck-cuck-oo-oo-oo Bird

Numbers 3 and 4 discover that 0 is causing things to disappear into nothing.

Stop and Go

16. Numberjacks: Series 1, Stop and Go

Agents call in to warn that things keep appearing and disappearing. Is it Spooky Spoon?

Off Colour

17. Numberjacks: Series 1, Off Colour

The numbertaker is making toys disappear.

A Game of Two Halves

18. Numberjacks: Series 1, A Game of Two Halves

Lots of things have parts missing. Number 4 discovers that the Shape Japer is responsible.

Out for the Count

19. Numberjacks: Series 1, Out for the Count

Numbers 4 and 5 are playing keepy-uppy with boing ball and counting how many they can do.

The Container Drainer

20. Numberjacks: Series 1, The Container Drainer

Agents call in to report that a child's drink has disappeared from her bottle.

Tense Moments

21. Numberjacks: Series 1, Tense Moments

1 and 0 are getting together to make 10 and causing untold trouble.

3 Good Things

22. Numberjacks: Series 1, 3 Good Things

Numbers 5 and 6 are practising high jumps, and they show off their routine to 3.

Say What You Mean

23. Numberjacks: Series 1, Say What You Mean

There is a problem with sizes; things are either tiny or huge. 4 takes on the mission.

One Won

24. Numberjacks: Series 1, One Won

The Numbertaker is removing groups of more than one.

May the Fours Be With You

26. Numberjacks: Series 1, May the Fours Be With You

Agents report a boy's toy case is behaving strangely - it's the work of the Shape Japer.

Best Estimate

27. Numberjacks: Series 1, Best Estimate

Number 6 is preparing to play an estimating game on the Thinkyjump machine.

On and Off

28. Numberjacks: Series 1, On and Off

Numbers 4, 5 and 6 are in the gym practising jumping on the buddy blocks.

Zero the Hero

29. Numberjacks: Series 1, Zero the Hero

Number 3 is organising a game of hide-and-seek, but 0 hasn't turned up to play.

Bad Circles

30. Numberjacks: Series 1, Bad Circles

Numbers 3, 4 and 5 are in the gym playing the circle game.

Famous Fives

31. Numberjacks: Series 1, Famous Fives

Numbers 3 and 4 are in the gym using the buddy blocks as a staircase to jump up and down.

Fair Shares

32. Numberjacks: Series 1, Fair Shares

Numbers 3, 4 and 6 are in the cosy room where 6 is reading with his buddy blocks.

Being 3

33. Numberjacks: Series 1, Being 3

Numbers 3 and 4 are in the cosy room.

Into the Teens

34. Numberjacks: Series 1, Into the Teens

Comedy adventures series. Numbers 3 and 4 are in the gym playing hide and seek.

Slide and Turn

35. Numberjacks: Series 1, Slide and Turn

The Shape Japer is causing problems. Numbers 5 and 6 are sent to stop her.

Six of One

36. Numberjacks: Series 1, Six of One

Numbers 1, 2, 3 and 6 find they can jump to 6 in different ways, and go to a holiday club.

Time Trouble

37. Numberjacks: Series 1, Time Trouble

Spooky Spoon is meddling and giving people too much or too little time to do things.

1, 2, 3, Go

38. Numberjacks: Series 1, 1, 2, 3, Go

Number 3 has a mission to find out why 1 2 3 patterns have appeared all over the place.

4 and a Bit

39. Numberjacks: Series 1, 4 and a Bit

The Shape Japer is causing trouble, but luckily 7 is on hand to help.

Almost Human

40. Numberjacks: Series 1, Almost Human

The Problem Blob is making fours go wonky all over the place, and 4 gets slimed.

Two, Four, Six, Eight

41. Numberjacks: Series 1, Two, Four, Six, Eight

Even numbers are disappearing - it's the Numbertaker on the prowl. Number 6 investigates.

Square Dancing

43. Numberjacks: Series 1, Square Dancing

The Shape Japer is making people dance when they step onto squares.