Series 2

Series 2

Comedy adventure series, aimed at four and five-year-olds, in which animated numbers solve mathematical problems in the real world, with input from real children

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Episodes List

Ups and Downs

1. Numberjacks: Series 2, Ups and Downs

Spooky Spoon is turning things upside down, so 8 flies out to help.

On the Move

2. Numberjacks: Series 2, On the Move

The Problem Blob is at work again, so the Numberjacks send out Brain Gain to help.

Very Shapely

3. Numberjacks: Series 2, Very Shapely

6 discovers the Shape Japer is causing problems again, stretching things into new shapes.

Wee Three, Phone Home

4. Numberjacks: Series 2, Wee Three, Phone Home

The Puzzler causes a boy, a girl and some adults to repeat some silly movements.

Did You Notice Anything?

5. Numberjacks: Series 2, Did You Notice Anything?

The Numbertaker starts taking things, and then even people, away.

Measured Response

6. Numberjacks: Series 2, Measured Response

Things are changing length, so the Numberjacks send Brain Gain to change them back.

Think Again

7. Numberjacks: Series 2, Think Again

Numbers 4 and 3 are in the gym when 5 discovers that Spooky Spoon is causing trouble.

Carry On Counting

8. Numberjacks: Series 2, Carry On Counting

Number 6 flies out to battle with the Problem Blob.

A Record in the Charts

9. Numberjacks: Series 2, A Record in the Charts

Number 4 flies out to defeat the Puzzler.

Half Time

10. Numberjacks: Series 2, Half Time

4 flies out and discovers that the Numbertaker is halving the number of things.

A Close Thing

11. Numberjacks: Series 2, A Close Thing

A girl can't get near to her teddy, and grown-ups need help with things being too close.

A Circle at Both Ends

12. Numberjacks: Series 2, A Circle at Both Ends

Number 5 has to fly out when a boy has trouble with his chalks.


13. Numberjacks: Series 2, Matchmaking

Numberjack 1 plays tricks on Numberjack 4, always making the seesaw unbalanced.

A Different Sort

14. Numberjacks: Series 2, A Different Sort

In the Cosy Room, 0 and 1 are failing to help 3 sort her beautiful things into groups.

Areas of Concern

15. Numberjacks: Series 2, Areas of Concern

In the gym, 6 and his buddy tiles are making patterns on the floor and flying around.

The Dreaded Lurgi

16. Numberjacks: Series 2, The Dreaded Lurgi

6 and 4 both come down with the dreaded lurgi.

Fraction Fiction

17. Numberjacks: Series 2, Fraction Fiction

In the cosy room, 3 and 4 argue over entertaining 5's buddy blocks.

Interesting Times

18. Numberjacks: Series 2, Interesting Times

Things go wrong with night-time things happening in the daytime. It's Spooky at work.

More Ways Than One

19. Numberjacks: Series 2, More Ways Than One

The Puzzler traps 8 in his bubble.

Hundreds and Thousands

20. Numberjacks: Series 2, Hundreds and Thousands

6 flies out to stop the Numbertaker, who is taking tens, hundreds and thousands.