Padraig Post SDS

Padraig Post SDS

Postman Pat

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Uighean Priseil/Precious Eggs

9. Padraig Post SDS: Uighean Priseil/Precious Eggs

Pat has a special delivery, but can he deliver it on time?

Dosan ri Mi-Mhodh/Naughty Pumpkin

10. Padraig Post SDS: Dosan ri Mi-Mhodh/Naughty Pumpkin

Pat collects a very special delivery from Anna the vet.

Oidhche Mhor nam film/A Movie Feast

11. Padraig Post SDS: Oidhche Mhor nam film/A Movie Feast

Pat races against time to save the open-air movie night organised by Michael in Pencaster.

Car Luath (A Speedy Car)

12. Padraig Post SDS: Car Luath (A Speedy Car)

Pat has a problem with a remote control when Seonaidh Saor gets the wrong parcel.

Cnap Carach Deigh (A Slippy Ice Cube)

14. Padraig Post SDS: Cnap Carach Deigh (A Slippy Ice Cube)

Pat has a tricky delivery on his hands - an ice sculpture for the Chinese festival.

Seud Sealbhach (A Magical Jewel)

15. Padraig Post SDS: Seud Sealbhach (A Magical Jewel)

Pat has a problem when a precious delivery goes missing.

Teadaidh air Chall (A Teddy)

16. Padraig Post SDS: Teadaidh air Chall (A Teddy)

It's the teddy bears' picnic, but one of them is missing, and Pat has to find him.

Magnaid Làidir (A Super Magnet)

17. Padraig Post SDS: Magnaid Làidir (A Super Magnet)

A magnet creates chaos for Pat when he tries to deliver it to the railway station.

Raibeid Uaine (Green Rabbit)

19. Padraig Post SDS: Raibeid Uaine (Green Rabbit)

Nikki's toy rabbit goes missing, promising sleepless nights for all until it is found.

Duais Phàdraig (A Surprise)

20. Padraig Post SDS: Duais Phàdraig (A Surprise)

Someone is in line for a special delivery - a special prize for a special service.

Peasan Pioghaid (Bernie the Parrot)

21. Padraig Post SDS: Peasan Pioghaid (Bernie the Parrot)

Pat's delivery decides to take flight. Can he rescue it in time?

Rocaid Dhearg (The Red Rocket)

22. Padraig Post SDS: Rocaid Dhearg (The Red Rocket)

It is the big race day and Pat finds himself at the controls of the Red Rocket.

Dannsa Disco (A Disco Machine)

23. Padraig Post SDS: Dannsa Disco (A Disco Machine)

The children are excited about the school disco - or will be if it arrives in time.

Ceic Mhor (A Giant Cake)

24. Padraig Post SDS: Ceic Mhor (A Giant Cake)

There is a surprise in store for Alice, in the shape of a giant cake.

Stocainn Nollaig (The Flying Christmas Stocking)

26. Padraig Post SDS: Stocainn Nollaig (The Flying Christmas Stocking)

There's a hole in the Christmas stocking, and the presents are scattered around Greendale.