Series 3

Series 3

Feel-good family comedy with colourful characters and bags of belly laughs, about a feisty 13-year-old girl.

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Episodes List


1. Sadie J: Series 3, Beaudelicious

Dad has some very big news.


2. Sadie J: Series 3, Mamalicious

Steve tries to make Sadie spend Mother's Day with his new girlfriend.


3. Sadie J: Series 3, Braziliant

Keith can't get anything done when his Nan comes to stay.


4. Sadie J: Series 3, Ricolatino

Sadie decides to audition for a new bling friend.


5. Sadie J: Series 3, Littlemixamondo

Rico and Dede battle it out to prove who is really Sadie's best friend.


6. Sadie J: Series 3, Dederama

Danny and Jake fight it out to be the best Line Dancer.


7. Sadie J: Series 3, Dinnerlicious

Dede's TV appearance goes chaotically wrong.


8. Sadie J: Series 3, Seasonalicious

Keith thinks Steve doesn't want him living in the house anymore.


10. Sadie J: Series 3, Byebyebabylicious

Sadie discovers she may lose her home and her favourite hangout.