Series 2

Series 2

Feel-good family comedy with colourful characters and bags of belly laughs, about a feisty 13-year-old girl.

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1. Sadie J: Series 2, Kissalicious

Sadie has a crush on a new boy in town, and Keith is secretly sleeping in Steve's garage.


2. Sadie J: Series 2, Tofutastic

Sadie starts a campaign to get a veggie menu at the Y to impress her new crush Taylor.


3. Sadie J: Series 2, Gagalicious

Kit's cousin comes to stay, and Danny and Jake try their hands at DJ-ing.


4. Sadie J: Series 2, Cocolocolistic

Imogen tries to have the boys' treehouse demolished, and Sadie auditions for a band.


5. Sadie J: Series 2, Blackmailamundo

Dede tries to teach the boys all about her favourite sci-fi show.


6. Sadie J: Series 2, Bieberlicious

Sadie has to work extra hard to earn everyone's forgiveness.


7. Sadie J: Series 2, Megatronic

Sadie uses bribery and corruption to beat Dede in the race to be deputy head girl.


8. Sadie J: Series 2, Bridesmaidamundo

Dede attends a book-signing and discovers that you should never meet your heroes.


9. Sadie J: Series 2, Moviemashupamundo

Sadie accidentally agrees to host a 'frightnight' movie night for Ashlii and Kalisha.


10. Sadie J: Series 2, Jazperilliant

Steve and Keith get sucked into the latest video game.


11. Sadie J: Series 2, Bardalicious

Imogen goes looking for a ballroom-dancing partner.

Pixiepoplistic Part 1

12. Sadie J: Series 2, Pixiepoplistic Part 1

Pixie Lott is due to make a TV show in Sadie's living room.