Series 1

Series 1

Feel-good family comedy with colourful characters and bags of belly laughs, about a feisty 13-year-old girl.

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1. Sadie J: Series 1, Crushamondo

Sadie falls for geek-turned-hottie Joe, but how can she compete with trog-face Chloe?


2. Sadie J: Series 1, Robobootylicious

Sadie gets Steve to help Dede with her robot wars fight night.


3. Sadie J: Series 1, Friendalicious

When Sadie thinks that Kit has replaced her as his BFF, she invents a better best friend.


4. Sadie J: Series 1, Slumberlicious

Sadie accidentally arranges a slumber party and Chloe ends up coming to her sleepover.


5. Sadie J: Series 1, Tidylicious

Sadie is sick of the low standards of hygiene in her home, so she hires a housekeeper.


6. Sadie J: Series 1, Fashiontastic

Sadie discovers she has no fashion sense when Kit lets her design a costume.


7. Sadie J: Series 1, Partylicious

Sadie thinks she is too old to have a birthday organised by her dad.


8. Sadie J: Series 1, Pompomtastic

Sadie thinks she has made it when Whitney invites her to a cheerleaders' party.


9. Sadie J: Series 1, Cherylistic

Sadie accidentally promises to get an A-list celeb for a Save-the-Y-Club concert.


10. Sadie J: Series 1, Tiptastic

Sadie needs more cash, so she becomes a roller-skating waitress in the Y.


11. Sadie J: Series 1, Promalicious

Desperate to shine at the Y prom, Sadie infiltrates Kit's show-choir and steals the show.

Girltastic, Part 1

12. Sadie J: Series 1, Girltastic, Part 1

A journalist comes to visit to see if Sadie is good enough to be Tweenager of the Year.

Girltastic, Part 2

13. Sadie J: Series 1, Girltastic, Part 2

Steve and Keith discover that Sadie's main competition for Girl of the Year is Whitney.