Series 11

Series 11

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Janey's Choice

1. My Family: Series 11, Janey's Choice

Ben and Susan have mixed reactions when Kenzo's father returns, but does Janey get a say?

Labour Pains

2. My Family: Series 11, Labour Pains

Ben is tempted to join management, and Susan and Janey compete for the same monkey.

Accusin' Susan

3. My Family: Series 11, Accusin' Susan

Kenzo seems to be the victim of a revenge campaign by Michael's old art teacher.

Germs of Endearment

4. My Family: Series 11, Germs of Endearment

Ben and Susan discover that they all must pay for their anniversary gift: a trip to Spain.

Harper vs Harper

5. My Family: Series 11, Harper vs Harper

Ben and Susan decide to go their separate ways, but will they end up in the same place?

Relationship Happens

6. My Family: Series 11, Relationship Happens

Janey and Michael compete for the affections of Michael's new boyfriend.


7. My Family: Series 11, 'Booked

An old flame of Susan's makes an appearance while Ben is away.

A Decent Proposal

8. My Family: Series 11, A Decent Proposal

Susan has a visitor from beyond the grave with an offer she can hardly refuse.

Darts All, Folks

9. My Family: Series 11, Darts All, Folks

Ben discovers that he is not quite the darts player his father was.

Susan for a Bruisin'

10. My Family: Series 11, Susan for a Bruisin'

Susan wants to look her best for an impending school reunion, and enlists Ben's help.

A Night Out

11. My Family: Series 11, A Night Out

Janey, Susan, Roger and Ben each experience an eventful night out.