Series 2

Series 2

Surreal sitcom about a struggling actress always left minding her younger siblings.

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Jack in the House

1. Dani's House: Series 2, Jack in the House

Dani moves house and throws a big party for all her mates, but the DJ causes mayhem.

Wedding Dress

2. Dani's House: Series 2, Wedding Dress

A hassled Sam has to leave her very demanding sister's wedding dress in Dani's care.

Hit the Jackpot

3. Dani's House: Series 2, Hit the Jackpot

Sam and Jack's attempts to help Dani create a pop promo may not have the required effect.


4. Dani's House: Series 2, Abracadisco

Jack needs a new gimmick for his gigs and decides to become a combination DJ and magician.

Double Trouble

5. Dani's House: Series 2, Double Trouble

When the perfect audition clashes with a date with her mates, Dani has to find a way out.

Break a Leg

6. Dani's House: Series 2, Break a Leg

Dani thinks Sam's play is dreadful but doesn't want to hurt her friend's feelings.


7. Dani's House: Series 2, Axolotl

Top talent spotter Guy Flannel hears Dani's voice and thinks she might have the Z factor.

Halloween Special - Lady and the Vamp

8. Dani's House: Series 2, Halloween Special - Lady and the Vamp

Jack gets it into his head that Dani's new dance teacher is a vampire.

Use Your Noodle

9. Dani's House: Series 2, Use Your Noodle

Dani has become the face of Noodle Puffs. Jack is delighted but Sam is appalled.

Secret Millionaire

10. Dani's House: Series 2, Secret Millionaire

Thanks to a mix-up, Dani and Sam come to believe that Jack is a secret millionaire.

Alien Invasion

11. Dani's House: Series 2, Alien Invasion

Dani's most loyal viewers, the aliens, teleport down to Earth.

Christmas Special - Scrooge Tube

12. Dani's House: Series 2, Christmas Special - Scrooge Tube

Max is visited by a series of ghosts, who try to teach him the real meaning of Christmas.

Sport Relief Special - Marathon Man

13. Dani's House: Series 2, Sport Relief Special - Marathon Man

Dani and Sam sponsor unfit Jack for a load of money in the Sport Relief fun run.