Series 3

Series 3

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An Unconventional Convention

1. Hotel Trubble: Series 3, An Unconventional Convention

The arrival of nerds in costume results in the staff missing the arrival of a real alien.

Dragon's Den

2. Hotel Trubble: Series 3, Dragon's Den

Fearsome businessman Duncan Banana-Time agrees to film his famous TV show at the hotel.

The Musical

3. Hotel Trubble: Series 3, The Musical

Jamie decides to stage a Hotel Trubble musical but does not cast Dolly in a lead role.


4. Hotel Trubble: Series 3, Takahashi

Jamie seems sure that a rude guest is actually a Hotel of the Year mystery judge.

Super Trubble

5. Hotel Trubble: Series 3, Super Trubble

Mr Trubble pits the branches of Hotel Trubble against one another in a webcam contest.


6. Hotel Trubble: Series 3, Snoopergirl

Dolly and Jamie try to prevent Sally revealing guests' secrets on her Snoopergirl blog.


7. Hotel Trubble: Series 3, Offensive

Auntie Phyllis arrives at the hotel at the same time as outrageous pop star Lady Gaahouse.

Bell Boy Bot

8. Hotel Trubble: Series 3, Bell Boy Bot

Jamie has to save his friends from the Bellboybot 2000's evil plans for hotel domination.

American President

9. Hotel Trubble: Series 3, American President

The American President checks in along with a laptop that will enact any law he chooses.

Fashion Phonies

10. Hotel Trubble: Series 3, Fashion Phonies

The staff try to get rid of the footpath that Lenny has allowed to go through the hotel.

Time Trubble

11. Hotel Trubble: Series 3, Time Trubble

When a time machine is left behind, Henry VIII ends up in the hotel looking for a wife.

Britain's Most Boring Bellboy

12. Hotel Trubble: Series 3, Britain's Most Boring Bellboy

Jamie is ecstatic when TV presenter Barney arrives to make a programme about bellboys.