Children's comedy series starring Rufus Hound as a TV presenter whose future self blasts him into a parallel universe, where he must save the world from the evil Dr Muhahahaha

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Episodes List

The Back of the Sofa

1. Hounded: The Back of the Sofa

Rufus must stop Dr Muhahahaha from sucking everyone down the back of their sofas.

Rufus Versus Rufus

2. Hounded: Rufus Versus Rufus

Rufus faces a familiar-looking enemy as he tries to stop Dr Mu taking over the multiverse.

Eggy Breath

3. Hounded: Eggy Breath

Everyone on Earth has suddenly developed really bad breath.

A Look at the Stars

4. Hounded: A Look at the Stars

Dr Mu decides to steal the sun, using a giant intergalactic space wormhole.

Mu Pizza

5. Hounded: Mu Pizza

Dr Mu's latest hair-brained plan is to invade the Earth using pizza.

The Mu Show

6. Hounded: The Mu Show

To defeat Doctor Mu, Rufus travels to the cartoon world to become an animated character.


7. Hounded: Terrorbyte

Rufus is captured by Dr Muhahahaha and hurled into the internet.

Queen Mu

8. Hounded: Queen Mu

Dr Mu shrinks to the size of a bacterium to take over the brain of a queen.

The Toast-O-Lator

9. Hounded: The Toast-O-Lator

Dr Mu mass-produces a robot/toaster army with which to subjugate the Earth.

The Land of Nod

10. Hounded: The Land of Nod

Dr Muhahahaha is gradually sending the Earth's population to sleep.

TV Hell

11. Hounded: TV Hell

Dr Mu launches a games console that turns its users into zombie-like creatures.

Super Rufus

11. Hounded: Super Rufus

The world's superheroes have gone missing! Rufus must save the day.

Cash or Kick Yourself

12. Hounded: Cash or Kick Yourself

Rufus finds himself forced to take part in Dr Mu's malevolent game show.