Series 3

Series 3

Children's comedy drama series following the exploits of hapless journalist Digby Digworth and his faithful canine companion Hacker.

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Episodes List

The Big Cat

1. Scoop: Series 3, The Big Cat

Will Digby and Hacker catch the wild cat who is scaring chickens down on the farm?

Restaurant Reservation

2. Scoop: Series 3, Restaurant Reservation

Digby and Hacker cause havoc in the kitchen of a celebrity chef.

Going for Gold

3. Scoop: Series 3, Going for Gold

Digby and Hacker want to save the local Scout Hut from demolition.

Seeing Stars

4. Scoop: Series 3, Seeing Stars

Digby and Hacker face the music when they take Max's niece to meet a famous pop singer.

Foul Play

5. Scoop: Series 3, Foul Play

Digby and Hacker uncover a plan to steal big money from the local football club.

Come In Digby Your Time's Up

6. Scoop: Series 3, Come In Digby Your Time's Up

Digby and Hacker interview the owner of a shop selling highly-breakable antiques.

Always the Bridesmaid

7. Scoop: Series 3, Always the Bridesmaid

Digby and Hacker help a blushing bride make her wedding cake.

Taking Pictures

8. Scoop: Series 3, Taking Pictures

Digby and Hacker train as undercover security guards in a gallery to catch an art thief.

First Past the Post

9. Scoop: Series 3, First Past the Post

Digby and Hacker accidentally post a letter that is rude about Max.


10. Scoop: Series 3, Northenders

Digby is excited when Hacker becomes the star of a TV soap opera.

Digby's Dilemma

11. Scoop: Series 3, Digby's Dilemma

Digby falls in love with the devious woman who runs the local dating agency.

Now That's Magic

12. Scoop: Series 3, Now That's Magic

Digby and Hacker are forced by editor Max to take part in a local fun run.

The Digworth Method

13. Scoop: Series 3, The Digworth Method

Digby and Hacker are excited when they are asked to talk about the life of a top reporter.