World's End

World's End

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Cold Welcome

1. World's End: Cold Welcome

A group of teens from different backgrounds find themselves in a remote castle together.

Careful What You Wish For

2. World's End: Careful What You Wish For

Ever since the twins arrived, someone has been watching them, even as they sleep.

Intruder Proof

3. World's End: Intruder Proof

Cat has a flashback which really disturbs her and she tries to leave.


4. World's End: Freedom

Ghostly figures appear to Luke, Slim and AJ but seem to vanish into thin air.


5. World's End: Disappearances

Noah enters Duncan's apartment to get a map and is caught in the act.


6. World's End: Surprises

The ghosthunters are uncomfortable when they find the holding cells, and Gaia is spooked.

Foraging About

7. World's End: Foraging About

Noah and Cat discover a hi-tech elevator which takes them deep under the castle.

Going Nowhere

8. World's End: Going Nowhere

Noah and Cat search for an escape route. Lexy and plant-obsessed Gaia clash.

Not Everyone's Version of Normal

9. World's End: Not Everyone's Version of Normal

Noah and Cat eventually find Luke and Cat has another childhood flashback.

Happy Families?

10. World's End: Happy Families?

Lexy has a dream - or is it a memory? The Morelles attempt to play happy families.

Seeing Doppel

11. World's End: Seeing Doppel

Did Slim see his doppelganger? Is he in danger?

Leave It Alone - Bad!

12. World's End: Leave It Alone - Bad!

An anxious Lexy has bad memories of the sci-fi area.

Mirror Matter

13. World's End: Mirror Matter

Slim and AJ see more doubles of Gaia and worry that the real Gaia is being held hostage.

Double Trouble

14. World's End: Double Trouble

The real Gaia is distressed at being trapped in the SZ.

Same Worlds Meet

15. World's End: Same Worlds Meet

Noah drops his ID card as they leave the monument and Casey picks it up.

Trust Someone!

16. World's End: Trust Someone!

Cat takes Moira into her confidence but then thinks Moira has betrayed her to Duncan.

Undercover of Night

17. World's End: Undercover of Night

Cat and Lexy sneak to the SZ during the night to talk to their twins.

Vial Goings On

18. World's End: Vial Goings On

Casey shows Noah toxic chemicals in the SZ - has this been the plan all along?


19. World's End: Guardians

Is Casey friend or enemy? Casey tells Cat he's been her benefactor throughout.

The Switch

20. World's End: The Switch

Cat finds herself being assessed as part of a flight simulation team.

The Summoning

21. World's End: The Summoning

The twins explain they are pioneers training to build life on a new planet.

The Origin

22. World's End: The Origin

Cat insults Noah - now he trusts Casey, will he betray her?

Divided We Stand

23. World's End: Divided We Stand

Noah tells Casey everything that the teens have learned.


24. World's End: Proof?

Slim and AJ venture to the SZ for the first time and meet their twins.

Stealing Time

25. World's End: Stealing Time

With Lars's help, Lexy battles the lasers but a piercing alarm is sounded.


26. World's End: Prophecy

The alarm causes everyone to scatter, and Casey is in big trouble with Lena.

A is for Apocalypse

27. World's End: A is for Apocalypse

Lena puts the SZ out of bounds but when has that ever stopped Cat and Luke?

Truth... and Lies

28. World's End: Truth... and Lies

After more revelations, Luke and Noah have some difficult questions to ask.

Reality Bites

29. World's End: Reality Bites

Mac and Skink are convinced aliens have abducted Gregor.

Unhuman Behaviour

30. World's End: Unhuman Behaviour

Casey gives Noah some positive encouragement, but spins the facts surrounding the SZ.

Keep Your Enemies Close

31. World's End: Keep Your Enemies Close

Casey gives Moira an ultimatum, and there is some shocking news for the scientists.

Eight Hours to Impact

32. World's End: Eight Hours to Impact

The teens are sent to pack but begin to rebel against the adults' plans for them.

Desperate Times, Desperate Measures

33. World's End: Desperate Times, Desperate Measures

The clock is ticking, and the teens take on their biggest challenge yet.


34. World's End: Hope

The teens persuade the adults to test a theory they have come up with.

Beyond Hope

35. World's End: Beyond Hope

Casey's selfish game plan becomes very clear and Noah has to make a big decision.

World's End

36. World's End: World's End

Everyone at the castle accepts the inevitable but Noah has information that might help.