Series 4

Series 4

Surreal sitcom about a struggling actress always left minding her younger siblings.

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Achy Breaky Heart

1. Dani's House: Series 4, Achy Breaky Heart

Dani wants a role in soap opera McHurties Hospital and Ben shows promise as an artist.

Love at First Sight

2. Dani's House: Series 4, Love at First Sight

Dani thinks she has met the man of her dreams at a party, but soon has second thoughts.

The Natural

3. Dani's House: Series 4, The Natural

Jack and Dani are embarrassed to find that they must share an on-screen kiss.

We Should Be Heroes

4. Dani's House: Series 4, We Should Be Heroes

Dani receives sacks full of fanmail at McHurties Hospital which she has to reply to.

Hair Today

5. Dani's House: Series 4, Hair Today

Things get hairy when Max and Ben discover that Ben is a werewolf.

The Big Grapple

6. Dani's House: Series 4, The Big Grapple

When Dani decides to get fit, she recruits the help of an enthusiastic personal trainer.

One Small Step For Sam

7. Dani's House: Series 4, One Small Step For Sam

When Jack announces he is leaving, Dani and Ruby organise a nautical-themed goodbye party.

Sayonara Sam

8. Dani's House: Series 4, Sayonara Sam

Sam has cold feet about leaving her friends to join the NASA training programme.

Pen Pal

9. Dani's House: Series 4, Pen Pal

When Jack gets a Japanese pen pal, Dani worries that he isn't cool enough.

They Came from Outer Space

10. Dani's House: Series 4, They Came from Outer Space

Zang and Zark must save the Earth from imminent destruction by the wicked Zorlok.

A Fine Bromance

11. Dani's House: Series 4, A Fine Bromance

Max and Ben's attempt to write a love song gets very bad online feedback.

Sister Act

12. Dani's House: Series 4, Sister Act

When Ruby and Maisy argue, Dani agrees to let Maisy hang out with her.


13. Dani's House: Series 4, Bollywood

Ben and Dani pair up to compete with Jack and Ruby in a Bollywood dance competition.