Sketch show for sports fans and lazy bones

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Episodes List

Episode 1

1. Fit: Episode 1

A spelling mistake leads to a new game featuring flying puddings.

Episode 2

2. Fit: Episode 2

How to get gold if you only won bronze, plus Des, the fitness coach from beyond the grave.

Episode 3

3. Fit: Episode 3

Featuring the new sport of three-man boxing.

Episode 4

4. Fit: Episode 4

Featuring the fussiest rugby team in Britain.

Episode 5

5. Fit: Episode 5

The laziest brothers in Britain embark on an Olympic dream.

Episode 6

6. Fit: Episode 6

Who will win in a fight between a boxer and a vending machine?

Episode 7

7. Fit: Episode 7

It's the final of the World's Strongest Mum Competition.

Episode 8

8. Fit: Episode 8

Featuring the world's most annoying dad, who commentates over everything.

Episode 9

9. Fit: Episode 9

Featuring the latest technology for the armchair sports fan - 4DTV.

Episode 10

10. Fit: Episode 10

Featuring a stuntman who demonstrates how to deliver porridge on a skateboard.

Episode 11

11. Fit: Episode 11

Featuring sports presenter Kenny Maul's worst moments on TV.

Episode 12

12. Fit: Episode 12

Featuring a cross-channel swimmer who gets stranded in France.

Episode 13

13. Fit: Episode 13

The Fit Review of the Season.